Inauguration Day

As soon as the oath was said
the electricity went out in Van Nuys.
The first thing to go in

a world where the earth has
always been the same temperature
are the basic services.

The first thing to go in
a world where we’re asked to root
for the pussy grabber

is standing idly by.
It’s raining in every civilized
community. That empty space

beneath the Capitol steps
is where I’m not standing.
People with famous names are

leading the charge towards
the next inauguration, or their
new favorite ice cream flavor

People are making art
with their fists. The message:

I’ve got something you can defund,
right here.
There is a hot sun,
just the other side of the clouds.

I promise you it’s there. All this water
falling out of the sky, can’t stop the
Bush from burning.



Rick Lupert

Rick Lupert is the recipient of the 2017 Ted Slade Award, and the 2014 recipient of the Beyond Baroque Distinguished service award. He created the Poetry Super Highway and hosted the weekly Cobalt Cafe reading in Canoga Park, California for almost 21 years. He’s authored 20 collections of poetry (most recently Donut Famine). He writes the Jewish Poetry Column “From the Lupertverse” for and created the daily web comic Cat and Banana with Brendan Constantine. He loves you.


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