"In the Office During a Storm," "Sushi," and "Cheez-It®"

In the Office During a Storm

In the bask of computer light my boss
says watch for leaks in the room.
I know now what to pray for. Thunder
burps and rain’s radio static steadies
on the roof, a beating applause
to recognize all the good work
I’ve done.




umami fish in dead cold
sticky rice clings to
gum. take another slab– tell
yourself you are the
ocean, that you will
chew through sea-




for now cheap breakable wheat is my bible okay

I’ve been in this basement for three days

etc. etc.

orange skies in the psalms of your dimples
(my throat is parched…)

it’s simple      open your palms

for your mouth

you could fit needles in these holes
                                           constellations in these holes

should’ve put those tiny strings of stars
in my cart to bide my time

instead of sacks of snacks
to fill                                    & fill myself

until I rip open my last plastic head

dust volcanoes        until my eyes bleed Sunshine red

my fingertips           light & salted tiger sticks

my preacher says Jesus won't eat Cheez-Its

I believe crumbs
lodged in teeth will return in three days



James Croal Jackson

James Croal Jackson is a Filipino-American poet who works in film production. He has three chapbooks: Count Seeds With Me (Ethel Zine & Micro-Press, 2022), Our Past Leaves (Kelsay Books, 2021), and The Frayed Edge of Memory (Writing Knights, 2017). He edits The Mantle Poetry from Pittsburgh, PA. Check out jamescroaljackson.com. James recommends 1Hood Media.


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