"in passing" and "in memoriam"

in passing

thin as the crack growing in my windshield
uninhibited each drive stings sight more
can't predict curling can't stop growing break
new-cut shapes from gravel inhaled by chance
hit one time only! in kansas somewhere
then gone as quickly! squandered shot returns
but now i stay anxious / crack reminds me
every turn in view caresses Cautious
thought: I can't afford this / Bigger each day
with You
            without warning from far away



in memoriam

a long-foretold demise given
    away by the chattering of
                                                 teeth white and wavering even
                                     down to their roots try harder to
                         shove them still with your tongue because
             he's dead there's no point in going
                                                 through hollow motions from hollow
                                     sockets.          (at some point, they'll fall out)



Henry Brown

Henry Brown is a writer and third-year Religion major/Spanish minor at Carleton College, where he organizes with the Democratic Socialists of America. His poems have appeared in Amethyst Review, Isacoustic, Eleventh Transmission, Eunoia Review, The Bitchin' Kitsch, Quatrain.fish, After The Pause, and Wax, and he has a piece upcoming in Kingdoms in the Wild. Henry recommends the Workers Defense Project in Austin.


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