'I paused in my car at a crosswalk'

I paused in my car at a crosswalk
and eye-contacted a single pedestrian
paused to see if I would stop
then she launched into the street
just as tiny ballerinas make their entrance
with tiny steps lengthening into strides
with her head held high
with her nose higher, above a small smug smile
as if she smelt something sweet
with her prowed breasts
with her hands down, like an irish dancer
she scurried slowly across
while I mentally applauded her performance



David E. Matthews

David E. Matthews lives now in his home state of Texas, in the Hill Country. For 20 years, Unlikely Stories has published his barbaric yawp. A fact that stupefies him with pleasure & gratitude.


Edited for Unlikely by Jonathan Penton, Editor-in-Chief
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