"her parade drum" and "to love neighbors"

her parade drum

the age of small African-American girls
rolling kick balls for necks
       can't quite put my finger on it
              can't put my foot on it
                     -not my money on it


something's missing from this environment-


arms swinging
       drums screaming!
       free freedom!
our nile river sinks into street gutters
summer season is almost here
so dance for rain black baby
dance for rain.



to love neighbors

I want better neighborhoods
          better than gentrification
          better than patrol
I want new roads
held together with soul
and festivals
businesses and professionals
I want fresh paint & leaves
I want air to taste and smell peppermint
          a breath of fresh ideas
                           gardens and conversations of love
I want avenues named after
auto mechanics, shop clerks, church elders and rehab directors
          I want revenue to flow
as pockets pool facilities for summer
I want murals condoning queeriosity
                    and forums for questioning capabilities of body
let’s exile “provider” from gender expectation
and give generous support to autonomy
let’s build houses around homes
let’s build neighborhoods around neighbors.



Alan Roberson

Alan Roberson is a proud Bay Area native that waves the flags of both Oakland and San Francisco. He is an English major that draws inspiration from his community and many of his favorite authors. One quote he says a lot is, "thank you, God," because it is important for him to show appreciation for his life's journey, influences and opportunities. 


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