"Heads or Tails," "The Scam of Love," and "I Don't Think So"

Heads or Tails

with all the horses
and suns crashing down the mountain behind me
I realized in horror
that all I ever wanted was to orchestrate
an international scheme
to take down the evil oligarchs and empirical villainy
like some hero from the movies
that’s why there are movies
to fool people,
keep them in their seats
as the horses feed
on popcorn, while
the sun anticipating
the flattest section of earth
to spin like a coin in space
until finally
with a faintly metallic ting
it all
comes to rest



The Scam of Love

She kissed me
Smooth, cool as whispers from a champagne flute
Then again I’m a little worried
My fuck finger looks a bit infected
But I do have high hopes
She’ll grow those incredible angelic wings
And fly me to that other place
Where skin doesn’t
Glisten as it



I Don't Think So

will there be poetry
when there are no longer flowers
when honeybees are extinct
the privileged
luxuriating deep underground in their silos
what about the great oaks and evergreens
the moss and ferns on the forest floor
lavender wisteria climbing the trellis
will there be any sense of smell at all
will there be poetry
when all the beaches, the sand reduced to ash
and all the bikinied women turned
to stone
will there be even caves to cower in
so we can rediscover our primitive nature
automated vehicles thrusting
through the soot-stained sky
occupants ensconced
in the Rolls Royce limousine
of time travel



Jay Passer

Jay Passer, resident and native of San Francisco, has had work in print and online, appear all over the globe since 1988. He is the author of ten chapbooks, a few still available on Amazon.


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