"Full Sky" and "Plankton"

Full sky 

My sky is full of fullness
So full of fullness it is empty of sky
Sky full of six legged horses
And wide brimmed hats
Brims so wide time’s library passes slowly
Full word by sky full word
Libraries staffed with wings and beaks
Pecks full of eye’s thievery
Full of smoke from three boiling pots
Where sacred scrolls are rendered
Alphabet soup full of ‘ps and qs’
Empty consonant fullness of full sky
Who needs these black cloudy sheep
Who needs this clanking cease-fire 
Who needs these empty sky calculations
My sky is empty with the fullness
Of this some other week’s skies




In this older life
I am taking a supplement
Derived from the wisest 
Of all creatures -
The jellyfish,
To improve my mental acuity.
Does it work,
My wife asked.
But I could barely hear her,
Already several fathoms deep
Off the coral coast.



(Based on the actual advertised product Prevagen)



John Stickney

John Stickney is a writer, poet and artist originally from Cleveland, Ohio, currently residing in the coastal region of Wilmington, North Carolina.


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