"Found Poem," "List Poem," and "Nightly Closing Checklist"

Found Poem

Nonsaleable Nathan’s hot dog buns
​Nonsaleable Nestea sweet tea
​Nonsaleable Nestea unsweet tea
​Nonsaleable popcorn seed
​Nonsaleable pretzel salt
​Nonsaleable salt packets
​Nonsaleable Sprite
Nonsaleable straws wrapped
​Nonsaleable straws “12 wrapped clear
​Nonsaleable straws unwrapped clear
​Nonsaleable sugar
Nonsaleable kid’s fruit punch snacks
​Nonsaleable white popcorn
​Nonsaleable coffee lids
​Nonsaleable sugar packets
​Nonsaleable pickle relish
​Nonsaleable buttery flavored popcorn topping
​Nonsaleable cheese nacho sauce
​Nonsealable nacho chips
​Nonsaleable 20oz lids
​Nonsaleable 16 oz dome lids
​Nonsaleable 21 oz dome lids



List Poem

Leather boys, big thick dicks, cruise buds, raw holes, Brazilian boys, hustlers, nipples, balls, exhibitionists, voyeurs, gay porn, knees, erections, penises, pubic hair, foreskin, scrotum, she-males, sugar daddies, twinks, bottoms, tops, versatile, preps, club kids, tearooms, glory holes, gay, down low, straight-acting, masculine, feminine, watersports, blood sports, handcuffs, throats, butts, butt plugs, drag queens, drag kings, gang bangs, sex parties, orgies, assholes, tit-clamps, dildo, bisexual, anonymous, sluts, spit,  G-strings, booths, rubbers, lubricant, tongues, homo thugs, married men, sweat, white boys, black boys, whips, poppers, virgins, chests, lips, mouth, kink, cops, college boys, bathrooms, bathhouses, gyms, blow jobs, ass-play, rim jobs



Nightly Closing Checklist


Clean and Refill all Napkin, Lid, Salt and Straw Dispensers.

Stainless Steel the Ice Machine in the back room.

Clean glass fridges and freezer doors. Wipe out inside fridges.

Refill Popper Seeds. Ensure a Backup Oil and Butter is at each Pump.

Clean the Back Counter, Cabinet Faces and Cabinet Doors

Clean Registers and Spray Cleaner on Towel to clean POS Monitors

Clean Counters, Candy Displays, Front of Stand and Butter Dispenser

Re-stock all items (Bags, Cups, Candy, Water, etc)

Re-fill soap and paper towels at the hand wash sink

Turn Off Candy Display lights

Clean Lavazza Machine, and dump out capsules. Clean FCB Tray

Put away Nachos and ensure both Cheese Warmers have 2 Cheese

Clean inside and out of both Cheese Warmers and Nacho Warmers

Refill Ice Bins, Remove Nozzles, Clean Drink Tower and Drain Tray

Clean Hot Dog Grill, inside Bun Warmer and Microwave

Wash, Rinse, Sanitize Nozzles, Scoops & Utensils, leave on rack to drip dry

Clean the 3-Compartment Sink and Handwash Sink



Clean popper, Clean out seed/oil compartment and seed cabinet

Pull Out Popper and Sweep Under/Behind it

Trash anything in Break Room Fridge, Clean Table and Fridge (Inside & Out)

Remove trash can and boxes from Concession and Break Room

Bags Ticket Stubs. Turn Off Menu Board, Games and Poster Cases

Check if Bathrooms & Auditoriums are Empty and Exits are Secure



Shane Allison

Shane Allison over the years has had a plethora of poems and short stories published, Unlikely Stories being one of his first to give many of his poems a home. He has authored several chapbooks of poetry with Live Nude Guys from Gimmick Press being his most recent. His debut novel, Harm Done, was published by Strebor Books. Shane is at work on new writing and collage art.


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