"Falsified Integers Maintaining Distance," "Noble Realizations as Calm as Canyon Newspaper," and "prized and obscured"

Falsified Integers Maintaining Distance

Halt! which goes the printed cultures
draped upon graphite office gossips
squirming as NEAR to objective juice
as bowling ball hands can affirm.
                Always warm unless tattling
          , a tale retold as lemon freshness , ,
                       ‘what meant the crabby
                        mischievous heels robbing
                        cereal heirs for a chance to
                        relish in adaptability?????’
                                     gorilla fever blister
                                     hut bereavement STAMP
prig of the transistors. Lines drawn
                            octilinear           forgetful bandage
          Fingerings relent. Lessons carry soiled
                                                 subjective meningitis.
On guard! poisonous pool skimmers
                                bandied about
                        , ignored elephant glossaries , ,
                                                                gobble : :  it suspects
                                       a knighthood in
                                       the state of offering
                                       glum aphorism :
                                                                    wither NOT,,, then



Noble Realizations as Calm as Canyon Newspaper

hollowed Rorschach vibes
aye, aye, aye
& a bottle of purple detergent flesh
            of sink dwellers pondering
            the mighty zoot suit scuba diving
                                 machine guns
welcome mat pinnacle
running in place errand
                        frisbee referee
                        coalescing pariah
                        zany patchwork
nervous tale of two tremolo agitations
burnt to crispy tortilla elegant display
                               core zeitgeist
                               muffled tulip
anteaters collide in worn out sheets
breathing metallic bridal gowns
                     willing assassin
                     dunking cookies
gingerly peeling
crOp Of shackles
            sEa Of banging hEAds
                          post NO pornographic zithers
blister blasting beaver brooms
carrying flower pots into sinkholes
                                        watch as the feeding
                                        becomes enormous



prized and obscured

      infinite panic picnic.
sleeve boisterously obscured
sanitized lingering dollhouse
              promenade pigeon pierogi
              torn capital pressed pimple
an olive storm chasing watch.
                 toward bowling ball chimney
       mentholated wrapping paper gum
            bald eagle
                        sophomoric whisper.
pleurisy without snail mail
     as worsened training boil.
treated as folly.
              coronation witness cornea.
                 cape be soot & sieve.
                                  compassionate twilight
                                  covering stampede.



Joshua Martin

Joshua Martin is a Philadelphia based writer and filmmaker, who currently works in a library. He is member of C22, an experimental writing collective. He is the author most recently of the books peeping sardine fumes (RANGER Press) and [Ruptured] >> Schematic <<  MAZES (Sweat Drenched Press). He has had numerous pieces published in various journals. You can find links to his published work at joshuamartinwriting.blogspot.com Joshua recommends the Morris Animal Refuge.


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