…death’s heads some absence here or of what sensed in outstretched limbs a broken jawline’s exigency/ stone winds resurgence ever where nothing of reeks blind taste some solace no return again begin again/ in wind’s reveal of collapse bitten as if to cherish pummeling absurdly lock associative/ till skull skinned screaming in an abort of flame settling into ash/ all sense devoured/ step non-step throughout as if to ever having to/ once/ about-face/ throughout non-step/ steps still widening horizon through bite of eye travailing non-depths foreign hallucinations/ a trace of blood streaking air silent silhouette of some dead belonging never to behold nor brace with tears told in some dialogue’s embrace/ it stun why brace where nothing more than once sudden to outcry said once more/ the livid flesh silent cadaver’s atrophic smiles erectile depths what sun to writhes in outstretch of time given to surcease/ skin to lack/ fingers smashed a gashed throat of vocal outcries/ where words disclosure bent upon some foreign yes or other than reveal it bitten flex/ barbarous/ kneels upon/ some fragrance no nothing/ not a/ in an overwhelming silence where none sleeps gracefully all else forgotten pregnant with doubt let it/ fade it other spoken fading lights/ static ever-static burgeoning/ as if to having ever unto passage through climb through flame reduct of lights blank light of/ gnarled skies burn in electrical storms yet ever of cold chill abounding/ spattering of cold blood upon shattered glass/ in a simulacrum of silent tongues reduced to severance not a trace of redeem/ nor need of/ it widens eyes a silenced ever-fading out/ gifted unto blind(ness)/ not a/ how less felt as if than other than ill-broken absent of sky collapsed eye-din what of/ no way nor other how to/ fallen upon a sword of acrid lights blessed be given meat’s recoil/ blind shit as it was from some commence exhale inhale nothing more than other than through none’s passage/ till skyline lung braced as if to other than as if to begin cold ravage/ all alack reckless laughter at one thing adamant/ indefinite cracked eye leaking obsolete given to abort/ stun knowledge the nothing knowledge of catascope skinned to hilt of becoming other than no claims upon/ outrospect desire for one thing longed sought obsolete/ as if to endless in die rolled collapse over and other than again what again/ words flail of/ scattered remnants/ shrapnel chipped teeth of the unborn assertion given to exile’s shadowing less and less or other than/ retort what will/ no longer a/ traceless abandon disappearance/ till other than/ at vacuum’s edge where speech treads carefully upon (the) skin of terror/ excised teeth that run aground upon shores of bankrupt absolution/ feels for/ mockery-lung/ and breathe-block else exhalation +0/ it trace ill-tongue lights no/ nothing of collapse of vocal spread given to expiration/ following on from ever-savage/ of matter yes/ blind obviate of skinned purpose given to shadow’s bite reclamation/ lapses as it does/ collapses/ intricacy of shit-stained teeth and black blood tint reflected in mirror’s indifference/ what cannot be observed/ desire trace trace desire a vacant lot of burnt bones a vacant cityscape/ and so forth yet ending in/ no other in/ being in nothing more than sacred absent as before what else/ in-scarring static ever of/ dense devour knowledge of given unspeaking ever/ in desert tomes/ through/ echoes in where nothing in negates as if to say where it does not/ three blind mice ever the record/ bled out in effortless ecstatic/ maggot of pulse bulb to kill where splendor vortice falls to ground/ it I/ what of/ trace of what ever-known resounding in an absence of all other than or all effortlessly forgotten/ severed yes opened up till eye abscond from hilt taken as if to astray sunk nothing given of abound through viscous paradigm’s occult/ gives freely of the slap to face that is never there/ yet felt in some wracked complex of better unknown unseen flowering dissipation/ yet fleshed as advance a bitten tidal over-mass upon/ blind weight and some circus dreaming clamouring for onset/ (forgotten the)/ sung aloft till dry of eyes it has just begun/ in cauterized wound given to seep solace in suffering consolation for all but foreign finalized/ dead lax/ seen unfelt/ not a/ chance a driven nail into nothing of (the) matter/ aloft pageantry descriptor nothing to display/ blood to yes/ taste forgotten yes recollected through passage present passage waste/ recoil eye lung/ taken from discharge some blind belonging some closing of eyes/ reaches for other fading out into some distance charade of betterment/ nowhere else/ never else or other than/ to tooth-edge/ hence echoing in cold chambers/ given to denounce from out of sheen some solace never other than some brutal fashioning crushing the bone echoings/ kaleidoscopic/ sought for longing in precipice given to exhalation never sought no other than furtive knock upon some sunk eye lapse of zero skin/ yet having seen/ blinded traceless disease of rescind as if there ever were any furtive/ inhales casts off this mortal enemy these cold dead hands that purchase further blood further carnage/ unspoken yes lest to whisper from out of marrow’s wailing in dark(ness)/ beyond a cross-fire of vision deduced bone whisper salve of the unclear devour/ asking of as if to in about what claim as if to forget/ not a/ choiceless bounty lapse all haven stricken viciously from book what shadowing left where static abounds no gutted breath to love/ as sought once in clamour lapse respoken turning into break light falter/ yet paring away/ time’s passage given to mark the flesh as if it were/ pared waxen smiles of bloodied teeth no recourse for washing away silt of the malign/ outspoke nectar none/ climbing no yet getting to some height of none in an obliteration of it/ seeking what what of till flourish final in what if or no restless devour/ hide dense as excrement/ bleeding out breath of unforgotten/ given to arise what drought from passage play/ nothing less nor/ as if to say that it/ nothing having been said/ yet wax lyrical it says/ some intrinsic landscape of bitten stone set against a swarming of flesh/ yet nothing to observe where vacuum’s edge counts out hours in some deserted room of dust given to/ some song/ what lapse eye spies with grandiose/ a tint a tear there or other than no motion beyond some cleft desire for silenteeism/ having if/ no/ forgotten shores/ a peninsula of grave miscarriages spoken of in a vacancy of meat/ where noose is all yet nothing splendorous abounding shadow carves its gait into intrinsic sands/ some song lest yes we lapse in rooms in or out of passage/ where some crippled advance bestows upon stripped skin a menagerie of useless bloody meat devoured by bitter light/ crawl home speaks body’s trace/ to where asks the further body lacking any retort/ obviated perhaps some stone glance writ in nothing/ words to lapse in or out of becoming viciously indifferent the eye/ vocal and tongue torn from out of gouge no distance in trace unspeaking silences/ words cascading into some futureless abort tidal as a fresh-birthed as bloody as/ yet it sees/ it as/ it we/ no nothing a vocality of lapsed devour/ walls warped abandon in a catascope of breathing exhalation hold breath of which till follow on from other than/ in lapse till linger breakage bone break and solace interruption where no bone devours marrow’s placement/ sunk spun a hollow echo-tint seeking out the coloured wind colourless/ colourless yet blind/ settling in to fall from out hyenic trace of benign given in malignant no nothing of unseen unknowable/ it bitten flays/ recoil/ in flagrant frozen from commence/ eye unshadow/ a stretch a gallowing landscape of suicidal intent/ having forgotten some brace trace of belligerent/ having forgotten other of in then not once caress that could not either way/ where stitched spread out into ploughed earth to sprout cold shoulder of all that ever was/ where traces devour/ skyline opens up till what lung dread of one thing only come to call knocking (the) shit out of verbiage seethe what tint/ all echoing lights flaying carcass emptily where speech descends as if to echo-say in tilt distance unbecoming/ naught speech depth ocular roving an anodyne circus trace nothing left of nowhere left to/ bitten shadow falls poisonous as in mirror’s reflect of eye/ brace what bone done in fallen yest or absent lacking plumage breath what scum to behold in bitter sacrament throughout/ on it says yet no/ yet what/ blinded by lights stripping skin from purpose scattered from/ shattered of/ now tooth in membrane central to as if to say that it/ some foreign elixirate in blind speech some knowledge of echoing out essence of no marrow flesh blind no claps upon yet echoing of in barren shithouse/ from this/ ever-still yet in time mocked from and yet of in-what said collision yes collide spitting out plume origin of collapse nothing of it better than what ever-in/ of/ eye-shot-blood-shot-eye/ either or a movement unto waste the doorway opens out into further nothing of/ diseased words broken apart in midst of breath/ some soldered breath waylaid no echo-night-long-taint/ expulsion/ dread-locked semb- lance scuttling for cracks in floorboards/ escapes from out of which some corpus collect/ where season-death erupt what claim desire following on into crevice clemency/ meat yes writhing in a pit of acrid ash what have you as if to say/ in silence dread of one singular motion where to breathe is to suffocate upon further ice-clad nothing other than/ eye writhes what breath in skull lapse shadow on cast across a denude of hand left or right what matter/ in this/ be-ing/ not/ living in (the) not/ obliterated by none in lack of else what matters not a/ aching as if to say bereft of all/ a trace the expelled carcass of nothing more to gain of it/ words imparting nothing of no longer of being in/ in this/ deserted sky/ vision impaired the uncertainty of a future/ all’s for unspeaking brushed aside asunder/ opening up a skull of division trace that clefts pulse meat bulb in severance to/ yet no not to/ murmurs of absent splendour/ shale of terse it spoken of what glimmer to wrestle with/ blank dead trace of spurious devour closed fist no nothing of in-dream/ rapture nothing/ excised/ furled lights and (the) beyond of…



Michael McAloran

Michael McAloran (b. 1974, Belfast) is the author of a number of collections of poetry, prose poetry, poetic aphorisms and prose, most notably Attributes, (Desperanto, NY, 2011), The Non Herein & Of Dead Silences (Lapwing Publications, 2011/ 2013), Of the Nothing Of, The Zero Eye, The Bled Sun, In Damage SeasonsEchoNone & Of Dissipating Traces (Oneiros Books [UK], 2013-14); Code #4 Texts, a collaboration with Aad de Gids (Oneiros, 2014), Un-Sight/ Un-Sound (delirium X.) (gnOme books [US]). breath(en) flux (Hesterglock Press), and in absentia, In Arena Night, bone silences (Black Editions Press)He was also the editor/ creator of Bone Orchard Poetry, & edited for Oneiros Books.


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