"Enter people in great financial need and those with lesser need," "Enter disputed circumstances,"and "Reenter Eric, Angela, and John"

Enter people in great financial need and those with lesser need.

Enter roses. Enter trust. Enter energy. Enter responsibility. Exit responsibilities for others. Enter a blue hearse entering a road. Enter doubt. Exit doubt. Faithfulness enter. Enter sight beyond pretexts. Enter communion. Enter wounds. Enter chastisement. Enter what we need. Sweet blood of Jesus enter. Enter joy. Enter Paul. Enter power. Enter explanation. Enter people who are hanging upside down. Enter a fence. Enter spiritual sensitivity. William enter. Enter servants. Exit leaders. Enter justice. People enter. Enter own desires. Exit particular eyes that are opened. Heaven enter. Expectations of people enter. Enter openness. Enter closed mindedness. Exit energy. Exit conversation. Black experience enter. Enter verdicts. Enter academic support person. BB rolls in. Enter employee fears. Enter adaptations. Enter I. Enter you. Enter rooms that are small. Enter the time it takes to get through to the end-otherside. Enter a BB box. Enter patience. Enter spaces to taste free food. Enter the patience to listen.



Enter disputed circumstances.

Enter hoodies. Enter waving actions of hands. Enter greetings. Enter ratchets. Enter grandmother. Enter black girls. Enter differences. BB pellet roles in without being asked to enter. Lazy susan chair enters casting a shadow. Exit concrete and yellow painted lines. Enter fleeing. Enter running. Enter a team of office-sized lazy susan sofas. Enter gas smell. Enter babies. Exit engines. Enter middle name. Enter no. Enter oil stains. Enter babies growing up into women. Enter given name. Enter trans understanding. Enter surname. Enter more worthlessness feelings. Enter survive.  Exit families. Enter families. Exit families. Enter families. Enter flying insects and bugs that crawl. Enter honeybees. Enter gravemarker write M.O.N.E.Y. on a cash box. Enter research. Enter a body of work indicating correlation between trauma and suicidal behaviors. Enter Igbo landing. Cultural competencies enter. Enter families. Exit families. Enter families. Enter large square tiles. Enter feet with shoes, feet that do not wear shoes. Enter obesity.



Reenter Eric, Angela and John

as a visible energy that returns and leaves in cycles. Enter in as well. Enter in the word the. Enter in matters. Enter your own costs. Enter colors grey, orange and manila. Enter madagascar vanilla. Enter gun control. Enter taxed cigarettes. Enter and. Enter primary sources. Enter disbelief. Enter falling. Enter greetings. Enter hair. Enter nephew name. Enter cousin name. Enter priest name. Enter Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Enter like fighting a war language. Gravemarker enter. Gravemarker write the name of the reader’s babe on a gravestone. Enter more words. Enter the colors blue, black and yellow. Enter pockets. Enter more worthlessness feelings. Enter capitalism. Enter as a result of you. The root enter. Judge of character enter. Enter animals. Exit halloween cat. Enter untaxed cigarettes.



Rodney A. Brown

Rodney A. Brown is a poet, writer, choreographer, and interdisciplinary artist whose work draws on his experiences with AIDS, mental illness, and homelessness. His writing has appeared in the Journal of Pan African Studies, and his performances on black lives and mental health have been sponsored at the Society of Dance History Scholars Congress on Research in Dance and the United States Conference on AIDS. He taught as a choreographer at the university level and attended the Saint Francis College MFA program in Creative Writing. Rodney recommends the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation. Photo by Hubs.


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