"Drums of Wore" and "That"

Unnecessary Enterprises is a solo project of John Eivaz, otherwise known as john e. john is a DIY home music producer, and a longtime admirer of spazzy "interesting" music of all sorts. Influences might or might not be Brian Eno, Captain Beefheart, Charles Ives and The Firesign Theater.


john's latest album, Up All Night, is a synthetic marvel of complex, but weirdly approachable, sound. Check out our favorite track, "Drums of Wore:"


And check out this track from his previous album, This & That:


This & That is an example of the recursive, self-reflexive remix, creating itself from its own battling snippets, themes and beats ... a pseudo-symphonic structure of echoes and notes built and rebuilt from repetitive notes and structures, phrases, repeating riffs and structured blocks of contrapuntal excess, of recursive themes and their echoes, battling whispers and snippets, blares coming and going like the structured strictures of marching band themes creating parades, and their briefly-building ensuing cacophonies ....
—Anonymous review


This & That is an accompaniment to john's poetry chapbook, When You're Leaving. Check out the bundle at his Bandcamp page, along with a wide variety of sound collections, released continuously over the last four years.



john e (John Eivaz) writes, and makes music as Unnecessary Enterprises.


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