"Dormant Primroses, Herds of Clues, Fun with Dew," "On Retina Lane" and "Queen Nab"

Dormant Primroses, Herds of Clues, Fun with Dew

fidget your signature with
dormant primroses
ramshackle claptraps are
keys to a thousand years

local sunburns, gift of the gab
fidget your signature with
nice people, fidget it
without civilization

fidget your signature,
nice people without civilization,
unsubdued as clues are unsubdued
awash in dew, in beastliness, alert to detonation
& the next thousand years, the letter,
the celebrated malice—comrade! savagery
gives you its word, a few hours of deduction
amorous & badgered, its brain a
corner of propriety


On Retina Lane

from now on the money's
about sentences
if you think you can place
that surprise litany
around your eyes
are Americans, they're tentacled
their wishes are killing looks
blood dots graven with forgets
iron ceilings' subtexts strangle
sentences with flags American
enough for ten-day sheets
but there's only a two-dream page
you're going to be executed for
another subtext's strangle
you're locked up & it's out free
riding around in a new Ford Arcenceil
shopping for papyrus lingerie
setting lofty flags where words were wanted
writing buttons to ward off
a slave temperature on Retina Lane


Queen Nab

nabbed already the lap
silver gap
looking wise
where root is snow-colored
hair a white pillow
a bit of a shock to earn
below blossom's wage
lips over eyes
sleeping cloud, be snow
your grasses white
forgiven be which can end,
grass brains
you wet heat dead
of wood and dead
skin-icy a body's underside
fold its mirrors
nab the ringing
turn the birds into stream
wind up your black rose
rain seat ripe
a depth's lily sea in chains
think "a line of paint"
that will money up your found love



Jeff Harrison has publications from Writers Forum, Persistencia Press, and Furniture Press. He has e-books from BlazeVOX and Argotist Ebooks. His poetry has appeared in An Introduction to the Prose Poem (Firewheel Editions), Noon: An Anthology of Short Poems (Isobar Press), three Meritage Press hay(na)ku anthologies, Sentence: a Journal of Prose Poetics, Otoliths, Moria, and elsewhere. Jeff recommends the American Red Cross.



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