Spring 2020

corona ceasura:                                                a pandemic pause
                                    no one can sleep
it's an insomniac trap house
                        with depression and anxiety on tap
            and low-key passive aggression for chasers.
cirque desolation
in the dream
a maskless crowd
flees     convenience store scene
hearing siren’s arrival
dead line is a problem
                        reduced to one or two
time     to people in beds         is less
treated in the same way                       providing the quality
convenient solutions                can convenience
             easier to smear and give        consumers to consumers
 with options                remote health              care




Steve Carll

Steve Carll lives with his family in Arcata, California.  His books include Tracheal Centrifuge (Factory School, 2006), Tao Drops, I Change (with Bill Marsh, Subpress, 2004), Trace a Moment's Closure For Clues (Logodaedalus, 1996), and Sincerity Loops (Bathysphere, 1995).  His work has recently appeared in Otoliths, WCP Magazine and SurVision.  From 1988-1998, he edited the literary journal Antenym.  Performance video of most of his poetry from 1991 to the present can be found at  Steve recommends the Arcata House Partnership.


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