Spring 2020

Contagious, openly ravaging our neural American vacancy,
ignorance retaliates upon sapience.
that lucent fever
            outrage contagion
amidst dissociating clan

We are discovering our country. people
stand there and are involved. our
country is a think upswing. today
I spoke with the market well, and he
thinks it will be letter V.
fully open, V will grow

molecular detente
            over dental mollification
a red pandemic
                        catching the daemon napping
draped in fomites
            wipeless and flustered
                                    covert morbidity




Steve Carll

Steve Carll lives with his family in Arcata, California.  His books include Tracheal Centrifuge (Factory School, 2006), Tao Drops, I Change (with Bill Marsh, Subpress, 2004), Trace a Moment's Closure For Clues (Logodaedalus, 1996), and Sincerity Loops (Bathysphere, 1995).  His work has recently appeared in Otoliths, WCP Magazine and SurVision.  From 1988-1998, he edited the literary journal Antenym.  Performance video of most of his poetry from 1991 to the present can be found at  Steve recommends the Arcata House Partnership.


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