Beer Mystic

Last Day on the Planet


Beer Mystic: A novel of Inebriation and dark is is novel about beer, mysticism, darkness, dogs, post-punk, the streets in New York, 1987. Excerpted in over 50 media outlets & zines. Video from found & original footage.



bart plantenga

bart plantenga is the author of the novel Beer Mystic, the short story collection Wiggling Wishbone & the novella Spermatagonia: The Isle of Man and the wander memoirs: Paris Scratch and NY Sin Phoney in Face Flat Minor. Sensitive Skin is hosting 6 short movies illustrating stories from these 2 books. His books Yodel-Ay-Ee-Oooo: The Secret History of Yodeling Around the World & Yodel in HiFi plus the CD Rough Guide to Yodel have created the misunderstanding that he is one of the world’s foremost yodel experts. He recently finished the Amsterdam-Brooklyn novel Radio Activity Kills with his daughter, Paloma. He is also a DJ & has produced Wreck This Mess, in NYC, Paris & now Amsterdam since 1986. He lives in Amsterdam.


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