"Back Talk" and "Trespass"

Back Talk

This was how I learned


all foes gone

Just me here now

And free to vary





It’s a long dream to keep the clouds

That they might trespass on blue light

Cool or lush against the skin

Perfumed so daylight kisses evening

Peaceably like a soft meal


Handprints on the inner door

She likes to think she’s home


Undreamt snowfall

Keeps sweet flowers

Dry to brush the walkway


He writes to say he hopes I’m smiling

Sometimes I do, sometimes

I fasten on a photograph

When he was smiling.



Sheila E. Murphy

Sheila E. Murphy has been writing and publishing actively since 1978. Her book Reporting Live from You Know Where won the Hay(na)Ku Poetry Book Prize Competition from Meritage Press (U.S.A.) and xPress(ed) (Finland). In 2018, Broken Sleep Books released As If To Tempt the Diatonic Marvel from the Ivory. Luna Bisonte Prods released Underscore in that same year, featuring a collaborative visual book by K.S. Ernst and Sheila E. Murphy. Murphy is the recipient of the Gertrude Stein Award for Letters to Unfinished J. (Green Integer Press, 2003). She earns her living as a professor, organizational consultant, speaker, and researcher and holds a PhD. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona.


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