"back," "keep your head up high," and "addicted"

mellowtone has it: that sweet, sad softness that is musically and lyrically congruent; the bittersweet sound that moves from triumph to defeat to joy and pain in absolute stillness. Here, you'll hear familiar elements: carefully-measured electronica, sad and lilting vocals, and arrangements that lull one into that very specific, irresistably melancholy, dreamstate. Despite the familiar sensation, these are new and fresh songs, bringing a unique and valuable perspective on an ancient type of sadness.

mellowtone's sound ranges from ambient to psychedelic trip hop, influenced by pop, rock and indie.

These mellow tones are shaped by the strong voice of singer Martina Birbaum, who makes the music of mellowtone sometimes melancholic, sometimes stirring, but always unmistakable. Responsible for the sound behind the voice are Mirco Ackermann (guitar), Ives Schmidt (piano), Matthias Haymoz (bass) and Beat Huber (drums).


Check out these two tracks by mellowtone:



keep your head up high


And the official video for "addicted:"



mellowtone's music ranges from trip-hop to indie-rock, with elements of pop, psychedelic and ambient. These mellow tones are shaped by the strong voice of singer Martina Birbaum. The band was founded in 2008 and the second album broken rooms was recorded at the influx studios in Bern with US-American producer Slade Templeton and was released internationally March 24, 2017.


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