Rose; a dangerous possibility, volcanic like a body on fire.

Myself and the rose. My body a light-bender; you reach me through photosynthesis. Rootedness, tongue in my mouth, a reminder:

I am teething on shadow.

Bloom set to cataclysm. I swallow the sun to ward off death. Mythopoetic; cycle woven from dried blood. Limbs ever-reaching, atmosphere dissolves on syncopated breath.

I wished for love; instead, death becomes more immortal.



Iggy Oddity

Iggy Oddity is a synesthesic writer, musician and digital artist based in the Chicago area. They founded an online literary journal called Cinema in Paradise which celebrates the legacy of film throughout time and the world. Their debut music album Desired Particle is currently available on most streaming platforms. Iggy recommends Women for Women International.


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