"Attack" and "Sunday Morning"


Having shortness of breath and chest pain,
I thought ‘heart attack’, but
only arterial heart disease,
same as killed my father
at 33
high blood pressure and
stroke, he
collapsed in a grand mal
as I played on the stairs
with my Army men…
I remember his red & white checkered
bathrobe and
Gramp, standing, silhouette in the bathroom window
a man wearing
shiny shoes,  and
carrying a black bag,
stepping over my soldiers
who looked up to me
awaiting the order
to attack the hillside.



Sunday Morning

Church bells ringing
and a priest, on
television, makes the sign
of the cross--
Grandma says her rosary
Grandpa returns with the
Sunday newspaper;
my brother and sister fight over
the Comics section;
my Uncle rises from bed
in time to watch ‘Community Auditions’--
steam from the kitchen,
kettle on the stove whistles,
smell of pot roast in the
holy air.



Wayne F. Burke

Wayne F. Burke's poetry has been widely published online and in print. He is author of eight published poetry collections--most recently Black Summer, Spartan Press, 2021—and one short story collection: Turmoil & Other Stories, Adelaide Press, 2020. He lives in the central Vermont area, USA.


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