"and you came into me" and "this morning"

and you came into me like darkness upon a shadow and the wind took its due and carried onward south and the lollipops covered in odds and ends pose as surrealism against the backdrop of your kiss and i wonder so wonder where your eyes came from. from some arctic lake in the middle of some desperate lonely landscape waiting to be sung into a song. and then there is that bit of sight of your jawline when we kiss and I fall in love with the way your trimmed mustache outlines your mouth and my hand looks so good holding your face. and you came into me silent so as if I never even knew you were there as a heart beat as a breath taken as a blink as a smile...


this morning

I bet the crows last night that I'd give them some meat. Worthy enough to take a chance on the road as tires fly by. They laughed and said you've been away too long sister. And they settled on a branch above me. Quiet. She came in; intentional swoop too close to me head, i didn't move. Mother. And the murder too was too quiet now. Staring at us. Me and her. I didn't blink. I don't think. Nevertheless it showed.

She stretched her wings. The tip hitting the back of my head...and said what the fuck are you waiting for...
don't just sit there...go get it done.




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