#AllLivesMatter (Unless…)

You slouch like a thug.
You wear your jeans like a thug.

You drive like a thug.
You talk like a thug: Hey y’all.
You s-s-stutter like a thug.
You whistle like a thug.
You bleed like a thug.
You look like a thug’s sister.
You look like a thug’s mother.
You look like a thug’s grandson.
You look like a thug’s pal.
You look like a thug.
You look related to a thug.

You got the color of a thug.

You cry like a mama whose fears morphed into tangible nightmares.
You cry like a daddy whose cautions were all for naught.
You cry like a sibling who can no longer plays catch with big brother or sister.

you, you, you,
who are you?
Who are you to say
You’re us.
You are not Us.
We are not You.
We’re not bleeding or tearing like You.




Edited for Unlikely by Rosalyn Spencer, #BlackArtMatters Guest Editor
Last revised on Thursday, September 1, 2016 - 17:33