"Affront to Center and Circumference," "Bureau," and "Galvanizing Jumble"

Affront to Center and Circumference

                                       Muster courage for precautions.
                              Scooch under these arrows, under that
                       artery.                                            Maintain
              a prudent                                                distance
         from                                             lifeboat thrashers
& sheepskin boomerangs. Your safety remains pertinent
       to us:                                                       litigation
            bashes a budget                     already teetering.
                 When some nudnik      messes with the top
                   layer of the palimpsest,              contagion
               will burgeon.                           Listen: half this
           Congress is unhinged. Lawfuckers with backwater
             growls, tethered                                      to praxis
               bold as lava,                 steer           a revolution
                    to seed                                             virtual




         Whispering scissors.
   One skeletal
 raconteur breeds
     a wooden mood. Metallic puddles
         spy his
               vanishing.       Bureaucracy vows
                                                         to sparkle.
                    To expound the mundane ecstatic. For all
                                          present, if not all
accounted for. (Bookmark any stray charisma.) Gregarious
                                                                          wisteria rises
                                                                             from asphalt
                                                                        road faults.



Galvanizing Jumble

                      Inside wallpaper, inhuman educators
                                                        miscellany cruise.
Will you disembark at Misanthrope Alley, where silk
                                           lob long-rage missiles
                                at sleepwalkers’
                             daydream dregs 
            or at Luxury Tasteland, where an isometric jukebox’s
                                contemporary lyre solicits 
                                  cosmopolitan workout drool & galvanizes
                                                                amoeba vantage-perches
                                                                   & galactic playrooms?



Thomas Fink by Maya D. Mason

Thomas Fink has published 12 books of poetry-- most recently Zeugma (Marsh Hawk Press, 2022) and A Pageant for Every Addiction (Marsh Hawk, 2020), written collaboratively with Maya D. Mason. His Selected Poems & Poetic Series appeared in 2016. He is the author of Reading Poetry with College and University Students: Overcoming Barriers and Deepening Engagement (Bloomsbury Academic, 2022), as well as two books of criticism, and three edited anthologies.  His work appeared in Best American Poetry 2007. Fink’s paintings hang in various collections. He is Professor of English at CUNY-LaGuardia. Thomas recommends supporting the Native American Rights Fund. Portrait by Maya D. Mason.


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