"Abandoning Motion Sensor Trachea Tightropes," "Bitter river surrounded by circular landmass," and "Glaring Dish Soap Chandelier Counter Top"

Abandoning Motion Sensor Trachea Tightropes

circulation mafia motif
spinning tripwire stampede
             / WaRn \   |   / shoeless \   | havoc |
l/i/v/i/n/g between DeGrEeS oF fUmEs
, systematic piggies ,, looping tornado lens ,,,
                     [saunter robust pigeon]
            [release humped pillow tiles]
                            [aging backwards fleeing]
   [shooting mouth hole blob reactions] - - -
               in sweater weather clamp : :
¡cLaNg!      ¡ClAnG!         went the
                                           meteorites   ,
           fashionable dress shirts regret digitization
    & feathers allow miniskirts to blOOm - - -
forgetful damaging tabloid autoload
every pie releases stray sinkhole yuletides
with enough overture to restore a chandelier



Bitter river surrounded by circular landmass

Uselessly donned glacial sphere
functions as a topographical error
             [INCOGNITO], as a
              drunken cobblestone
              underneath shapeless
              snow clad provinces. All
   these BoDiEs prevail,
       they shock a series
       of wooded tsunamis
       pleading for adaptable
                                  hemispheres. Losing
                       choicest MuD
                       , venturing static rocky
                                           shoulder BlaDeS
                             , a culminating whisper
                               evolved from granite
          , reduced as FaShiOn murders
            sedimentary TuNneLs
                                    , illusions ,
                                           futures. [Pleasures
& still wanton seismic layers
pulverizing waves
                          INCH by previously
                          miscasting inch], NOR  
             provoked or managed
      / historical GoNg / urban TouRiSm,
                                                  a prop /
                  lonely monitoring
                  spatial amalgamations :: TrUsTwOrThy (?)
--- at classically composed nexus
pausing over an admittedly clustered latitude,
                      , shifting   ,   detailed
           BeYoNd an
                           ATLAS , fragmented
until relationships
become meridians.



Glaring Dish Soap Chandelier Counter Top

glandular zip chord:
     demented perm gesturing without
     poisonous yacking blockchain squirrels
                     , distance fusing beautified
                       whale bones flickering confrontational
matted insertions
leading boisterous hydroelectric
                                   nodding fissures - - -
                damned tree line jitterbugging - - -
                             , , passionate CLANG!!!!!
Too good to flush / nevertheless / yoga CuRtAiN rOd
      \ | wayward worrywart | / , promotion
                                      linguistic knowledge
                                      surfing per diem windshield
                , peopled [withered], stunted pharmacy.



Joshua Martin

Joshua Martin is a Philadelphia based writer and filmmaker, who currently works in a library. He is member of C22, an experimental writing collective. He is the author most recently of the books peeping sardine fumes (RANGER Press) and [Ruptured] >> Schematic <<  MAZES (Sweat Drenched Press). He has had numerous pieces published in various journals. You can find links to his published work at joshuamartinwriting.blogspot.com Joshua recommends the Morris Animal Refuge.


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