A Series of Socially-Conscious Limericks

There once was a man in Yarim
To a wedding, invited his kin
Because of US intel,
From a drone, a bomb fell,
Exploded, and tore off their limbs



A rapist donated his sperm
To an embryo the size of a worm
Greasy men passed a bill
To outlaw a pill
And make her carry his fetus to term


A twenty can get you a sack
Of heroin, of meth, or of crack
Cocaine is all right,
So long as you’re white
40% of those arrested for drugs are black


A young man was quite appalled
At a hard spot upon his balls
With no health insurance,
He ignored this occurrence
Now the chemo has made him go bald


The gang sent a message to say
Her family would die if she stayed
Due to executive order,
When they reached the border
Her children were taken away



A young girl had once been a lad
Republicans thought this was bad
They barred her from sports
Called her vile names, all sorts
She hung herself, and Christians weren’t sad



The cops shot a kid one day
It seemed the case wouldn’t go away
They told lies about drugs,
The news called him a thug,
And the police got an increase in pay



No matter how many children were killed
Congress wouldn’t pass a gun bill
When democracy’s a sham,
The people form a new plan
Now the rich better run for the hills



Gregg Maxwell Parker is the author of the middle grade book Troublemakers as well as the grown-up novels The Real Truth and Murder, She Vaped: The Ironic T-Shirt Caper. Find more of his work at greggmaxwellparker.com and asseeninjapan.com. Gregg recommends Concordance.


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