"A part of me keeps wanting to talk in binary" and "Plum ballistics prophets wilderness rain"

A part of me keeps wanting to talk in binary

but I am not having it.
You cannot give in to these things.
If you do it will only go downhill from there.
The next thing that will happen is that
the community of binary data will expect
everyone else to at least agree
that binary is fundamental to understanding
the true nature of communication.
There is a lot of truth to that and I appreciate
the desire to share a common goal
as a way of bridging our differences but
I also happen to be a big fan of everything
else that shows up as data.
I love symbols and I love sensations
but most of all I love the idea
that we can all exist in a multi-dimensional
tensor field of understanding and experience
that has plenty of room
not only for a binary lifestyle
but every other modus vivendi imaginable.
The only real rule here is that we all agree
to respect our differences whether they be
bandwidth computation or storage related.
Those are my feelings on the subject
at least for now and now

is turning out to be a very long time.



Plum ballistics prophets wilderness rain

octopus glittering galloping gaping skull
absurdities sacrifice torpedo honeybee
freckle pain bark ritual hypothesize
is what I meant when I said that sometimes
no matter where you are or who you are
with it seems you would be perfectly happy
on a world with one island surrounded by a big
purple ocean filled with really nice apartments.
The details would not matter because the details
would be invisible and the reason the details
would be Invisible is because
I would be so boggled by the actuality of it
that the island and the ocean
would be the only details left and they
would be invisible because I would not be able
to take my eyes off all the purple.



Michael Harold

Michael Harold often writes under the name Michael Aro, his father's Spanish birth name. He is a poet, novelist, visual and conceptual artist, educator, computer technologist and inventor. He recommends The Providence House.


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