"A Line from Tina Arena," "A Line from Hilda Doolittle," and "A Line from Mark Young"

A line from Tina Arena

Oblivious of her nakedness
she went racing through the
airport, shouting out that
they were adding weapons on
to the traditional Japanese
house. Gone were the scaled-
back design, the minimalist
bathroom, the two tone tufted
dining chairs that were a terrific
combination of both modern &
rustic style. It probably shouldn't
have gotten this far, but she's
finally taking a stand even though
she almost went mad with fear.
The four chambers of her heart are
clearly visible. She consults the
tiny screen in her palm. How can
she tell if her child has problems
with hand control now that it's
covered with a Star Wars logo?



A line from Hilda Doolittle

Non-literal descriptions of hell
appear in her State of the Nation
Address, seeking to paint a rosy
picture of her alternative to ortho-
dox theology. It's the lipstick of
your fantasies, if you've wanted to
go dark, at least in terms of lip color.
It's a marching band sent out to court
prospective neophytes. What words
conceal is that although stunning shades
infuse the lips with vibrancy, it's the
nude shade that's always the win-win.



A line from Mark Young

Many critics of high-stakes
testing still expect a minia-
ture epiphany every time the
elevator appears. I am read-
ing Thoreau. Does a single man
in his 20's need health insurance?
A door opens when it shouldn't
& someone steps into the void.



Mark Young

Mark Young was born in Aotearoa New Zealand but now lives in a small town on traditional Juru land in North Queensland, Australia. He is the author of nearly seventy books, primarily text poetry but also including speculative fiction, vispo, memoir, and art history. His most recent books are a pdf, Mercator Projected, published by Half Day Moon Press (Turkey) in August 2023; Ley Lines II published by Sandy Press (California) in November 2023; un saut de chat published by Otoliths Books (Australia) in February 2024; and Melancholy, a James Tate Poetry Prize winner, published by SurVision Books (Ireland) in March 2024. Mark recommends the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.


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