"A Line from Jukka-Pekka Kervinen," "You do not need to put it in a plastic bag," and "Otherwise, all at sea"

A line from Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

Hatred of soft con-
stitutes what? Is this
called character? Reason
says no, though I went

this way before, once,
my crew with wax
in their ears & me tied
to the mast. Now I am

alone in a small dinghy
abandoned even by
the birds. Strongwilled?
Or merely driven mad

by the song the jukebox
in my mind keeps play-
ing over & over until
I can hear it once again?



You do not need to put it in a plastic bag

We have lined our playaway
tops to make them heat up

quickly, enough to melt & pop
a balloon. Men might find it

baffling, but the kinetic energy
helps us pipe melted white

chocolate so it can be x-rayed by
officials when passing through

a security checkpoint, or, later,
be mistaken for food by wildlife.



Otherwise, all at sea

Someone has gifted me an
astrolabe.  I use it to determine
the distance between the end
of one line & the next.  Its

ethnicity changes daily. Is
determined by the type of
headgear it chooses to wear.
Today it is a pillbox hat. I open

it up & select a Quaalude. I've
read somewhere that's one of
those small countries in Central
Asia. It sounds exotic but brings

me down. Sometimes the astro-
labe cooks dinner, sometimes
it doesn't. Then we go out. It
has a real thing about eating

takeaway, says it's beneath it
to do so. I offer to marry it.
It refuses, totally turned off
by the idea of home delivery.



Mark Young

Three collections of poems from Mark Young's ongoing geographies trope have come out from Beard of Bees, Dysphasia Press, & White Knuckle Press; a mixed collection of visuals & text is available from Argotist e-books. Individual pieces, both text & visual, have been appearing in various locations for the past decade & a bit. Mark recommends the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.


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