25 to life

Meet the UV BLUEMAN Group, creators of the 2022 punk album UV KINDA BLUE, recorded in 48 hours by Adam Skinner at Shadowrealm Studios. You can listen to the full album and read the lyrics at Bandcamp, or check out "25 to life" right here:



Fuck every liberal that twists themselves in knots to defend prisons
Whatchu know about life in a prison cell
You couldn't handle some fuken quarantine
Whatchu know about life living real hell
But you say that they're all rapists and thieves
What about every boy that you fucked?
Bout what percent were blackout fuken drunk
Ah, but you a rich girl from the suburbs, so I guess consequences are a foreign fucking concept
But 25 to life?
Shots ring out across my block
2 men dead and an officer down
2 men dead and an officer down,
So the pigs swarm out and their man is found
But "man" is a strong fucking word
He was just 16 at the time
52 years later he stars out his window, bars block the view of the prison lot
But 25 to life?



The UV BLUEMAN Group plays some kinda punk in Indianapolis, Indiana. They are UV BLUEMAN on guitar and Vox, Will Wilcher on drums and Vox, James Wehmeier on bass and Vox, Patrick Wright on guitar, Max Bolinger on keys, synths, beep boops, and Vox, Mitchell Remington on trumpet, Xavier Robertson on alto sax, and Patterson Day on tenor sax. Check out their Bandcamp.


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