"20/20 vision" and "Death in the City"

20/20 vision

                                      tired I’s
     of following / drastic
                     measures one-size-
        fits-all / measurements undefined
         folded                        away
   kidnapped milestones
                in kilometres any way
                                     all destinations turn right
                                THIS WAY
                                 ONE-WAY DEAD-END
  accelerating                                fast
                                                     into a bend
            moving goal-
posts / waving flag-white signs
          walking upside-down
                   on our hands-
 on / shifting           sands
                 we’re   CLOSED, mind
                                           The Gap
         seeing double
              standards not standardised
                       laws not laid
       down / rights not right
                 and all the while
         doing right / by
                   rulers not straight



Death in the City

They drove you to the stores
but didn’t let you park
They fattened you up on Coca-Cola
but didn’t let you in the bathroom
You suffocated on tailpipe fumes
and drowned in your own piss
They didn’t provide a coffin.



Roy Duffield

Roy Duffield is a writer, poet and translator from the working class, and an editor over at Anti-Heroin Chic, a journal that puts those on the outside inside. He is a winner of the Robert Allen Micropoem Contest (2021), was honoured to be chosen to read his work at the 2019 Beat Literary Festival in Barcelona, and his words have recently been spotted entering such nefarious establishments as Into the VoidUntitled: Voices, Flights, and The London Reader's issue on Counterculture. Roy recommends EMERGENCY.


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