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The staff of Unlikely would like to dedicate our current efforts to the memory of Joe Bageant, who passed away March 26, 2011.

Now available: The electronic versions of Monolith by Anne McMillen and Soy solo palabras but wish to be a city by León De la Rosa and Gui.ra.ga7!

Two Songs by The Good Ones
You might classify this in your head in that moderately offensive umbrella category of "world music," but you'd be better to call this punk rock. It's acoustic, and there isn't any screaming, but the ethos is right. It's a DIY-sounding record with choppy guitars leaning into staccato structures.

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Nine Paintings by Laura Schiavina
Laura M. Schiavina's award winning work has been collected and exhibited nationally and internationally, including exhibitions at the Islip Art Museum, NY; Sumner Museum, Washington D.C.; DuPont Gallery, Washington, D.C.; Citicorp Gallery, LIC; Eleftherias Park Art Center, Athens, Greece; National Academy Museum and School of Fine Arts, NY; New York City College of Technology, CUNY; and Ringel Gallery at Purdue University, IN.

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Susie in the Afterlife
by Gabe Rodriguez
Susie in the Afterlife won the Spirit Award at The Queens World Film Festival in 2011, where the director, Gabe Rodriguez, was also noted as an "emerging filmmaker." Also: it has a laugh track!

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Three Poems by Alan Britt
"Next, I would invite this fate
over for a meal
consisting of mango, pistachio, Swiss chocolates,
and heavily-doctored Jamaican coffee."

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The Second Middle Ages
by Sam Vaknin
"The art of the Middle Ages was concerned with religious messages. It subjected and sacrificed form, proportion, perspective, and colour to this over-riding constraint. It paid no heed to nature. This castigation of naturalism also characterizes modern art (starting with the Post-Impressionists). Modern artists are as preoccupied with messages, abstract and cerebral, as much as their medieval predecessors were besotted with epiphanic revelations."

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Queer and Loathing on the Yellow Brick Road
by Deb Hoag
"We didn't bother with any of that 'follow the yellow brick road' bullshit this time. We traveled in a big bubble that smelt faintly of rum and bananas, and arrived in the Emerald City before lunch. I begged off when we got there and went to go get my roots touched up and a couple of tubes of siren red lipstick."

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From the Unlikely Archives:

Three Poems by Lyn Lifshin, April 2008
"He was tortured, some
one says, when he could
not help women stranded
on the interstate and"

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