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You're looking at Personal Pages, where you can find literary works by a single author.

2Jewish has rants and stuff from Joja.

10 by MCN and 12 Poems by Michael McNeilley are the works of some guy who's name escapes us at the moment.

AEAEA is a poetic home page, though I don't have a clue whose.

Aphrodite's Writing Haven features poetry and short stories.

another useless personal homepage features the stories and essays of some guy who doesn't even post his name on his page.

The Arden Pages contain a variety of writings, games, and other entertainments.

B & W contains the poetry, prose, and digital art of Verian Thomas.

Bad White Trash Memories has stories and a journal by Unlikely Stories contributor Jennifer Waller.

Bob Norris' Home Page hosts the works of an American writer living in Japan.

The Black Folder is the literary page of Lela Kanutz.

Bobby's Poetry Page is the home page of Unlikely Stories contributor Robert E. Jordan.

Unlikely Stories contributor Bryan Nally has his own web page.

C. J. Sage, a contributor to Unlikely Stories, has a page at

CAUTION! FALLING ROCKS! is the home page of Unlikely Stories contributor Laura Fletcher.

Channel Z Television tells the fictional story of a two-bit British satellite channel.

Chiaroscuro is the home page of Unlikely Stories contributor Teri Browning.

Classic Female Nude is the home page of Jenny Strauss.

The Covert Comic transmit poems from the halls of the CIA.

The Crone's Poetry Pages is the home page of Izabel Sonia Ganz, who's poetry is often magickal in nature.

Dailityapi is a poetry folio by Sonny Villafania.

Death Makes Angels is the home page of Unlikely Stories contributor Jennifer Waller.

Fandango Virtual is the electronic poetry chapbook of Carrie Berry, and hosts the final issue of Iguanaland, a now-defunct e-zine.

The Game of Love has been called by its creator, Niilo Paasivirta, "a work of conceptual art," "the two-handed candy bar," and "not a joke." Whatever it is, it's Better than Nymphetomania!

Gerald England's homepage should be fairly self-explanatory.

Gonzo Turtle is the web page of Gonzo Turtle.

Greetings From Earth is a non-linear page that presents the poetry of Donald Gordon.

INGMAR van Item-Hertmanowski presents his poetry, music, and irreverent pictures of his ugly self.

Interpret This contains the blog and fiction of Hansel Dunlop.

The Ironhorse Writer writes poetry about the motorcycle life, and does so better than this one book of motorcycle poetry I bought a long time ago and didn't like much.

Jaffe Word Studio, reported to slay Nazis, is the home page of Larry Jaffe.

James Boice shares his stories with the web.

Jason Paul Fox has various writings on his page.

Contributor and wacky guy Jay Miner has his own web page.

Keeley Rusek has one of those artsy pages that the kids are making these days.

M. Daedalus' Poems are in English and Portuguese.

MCM houses the creativity of Maree and Chris.

Mind Haven, the page of Paul Williams, publishes poems, lyrics, and prose.

More Prayers of an Infidel has poems by Mark Hartenbach.

New Highways includes photography, poetry, and digital art by John R. Hartford.

On the Wings of Inspiration is the poetry of Debbie Burk.

Online Web Art features the artwork of Donna Kuhn.

Original Synchronicity contain the poetry of Unlikely Stories contributor Mark Hartenbach.

Peter Nicholoson is a poet from Austraila, and would like you to visit his page.

a piece of jade is the home page of writer and editor C. J. Sage.

Poems by Ilya Shambat is hopefully self-explanatory. is the creative zone of Joseph O'Leary.

Poetic Inhalation is the web page of Star Jewel Smith and Andrew Lundwall.

The Reset Syndicate is the home page of Michael Wendling.

Salty Dreams is the collected poetry of Tasha.

Scott's Writing Habits contains the works of Unlikely Stories contributor Scott Holstad.

Serendipity is a particularly slick page from Mark Broomhill.

Sicklehook contains the writing of Brian David De Vine, along with links to his webring and clique.

Contributor Simon Perchik has a web site displaying his works and achievements.

Sojourner Wolf's Cyber Den is the home page of Royce Sykes.

Space Caulk is the home page of Jonathan Dunbar and Greg St. Onge. It has fiction, screenplays, poems, and other assorted written stuff.

The Stabbing Room is the home page of James Wall.

Straight Arrow Dispatch is Subcom-X's Journal of Neo-political/Metaphysical Erotica.

tombradley features an introduction to Tom Bradley and one story, The Foul Fiend Flibbertigibbet.

Ward Kelley: A Man and His Poetry should be at least as self-explanatory as Gerald England's home page.

Wanton is the home page of Unlikely Stories contributor B. M. Bradley.

Wayne H is the home page of Unlikely Stories contributor Wayne H.W Wolfson.

Why Not? describes the new book of Simon Geraghty.

Writing Samples of Nathan Black include essays and fiction.

Yona Alon - Translated Poems is a partial collection of works from the Unlikely Stories contributor.

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