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You're looking at General Art Links, which includes pages that are not purely devoted to literature.

3am Publishing is a collection of bawdry bits of prose and comic art.

4*9*1 is a surrealist collection of art, photography, poetry and essays.

Afternoon publishes art and many forms of literature.

Art Villa contains visual art and poetry.

Atomic Petals has apocalyptic art, poetry, and prose.

Children, Churches and Daddies publishes literature and visual art.

COPIOUS Magazine is a visual and literary magazine published by Unlikely Stories contributor Andrea Grant.

A Country Rag is a collection of literature, art, and music from Appalacia.

Creative Voice contains literary and visual art.

crossXconnect is a 'zine of fiction, poetry, and original art.

Cyber Psychedelia features the Virtual Acid Trip.

Disqueiting Muses is a 'zine of art, literature, and poetry.

DOMINIQUE DALCAN is a French musician with an outstanding discography. He's best known for the soundtrack to Ma Vie en Rose, the comedy about a seven-year-old transvestite. No, seriously. You mean you haven't seen it? Anyway, it has a disco-kinda soundtrack that's neat.

Dreaming Heart Artworks is the watercolor work of Elizabeth Lyle. has all sorts of art from the Big Apple.

EPC-- in a world where "academia" has become synonymous with "stagnant" it's incredibly refresing to see a college-produced art site that's so dynamic. In fact, it's Better than Nymphetomania!

I have no real idea what Exquisite Corpse is.

There's another site called Exquisite Corpse that publishes a wide variety of art forms and articles.

FREEVault seeks to link to all sites on the web that offer free material, such as literature and art.

Free Zone Quarterly is a collection of photography and poetry.

House of Pain features fiction, art, and interviews.

Indie Journal has music (in MP3 format), literature, and poetry from indie-types.

INGMAR is a French recording artist.

Isibongo is an unpredictable collection of poetry and art.

The J. H. Sachs Gallery has all sorts of photography for your visual pleasure.

Jean-Louis Murat is an accomplished musician offering RealAudio files of his work.

KungFu has all sorts of art and writing.

Martin's Dreams is a collection of the art, photography, and poetry of Martin Raskovsky.

Mediphors is "a literary journal of the health proffession" that has an extensive collection of visual art.

milk Magazine publishes just about every sort of literary and visual art.

Moonstar Galleries contains both electronic art and poetry.

Multiple Insertions: It doesn't get any weirder than this.

Pax Acidus is "dedicated to the underground arts of site and sound."

The The Physik Garden is a wide variety of writings, images, thoughts, and activities.

Radiant Planet is a group of sites with various artistic bents.

a Room without Walls has art and literature in a fancy cool format.

Shadow of the Marquis features art and fiction of erotic horror.

SNOOZE is a site of music from TransPublic and The Man in the Shadow, who also happens to be Dominique Dalcan. I'm not sure why he has two music sites, or why he wrote to me about himself, but he did. To paraphrase Luc Besson, it must be a French thing.

Spacerat features fiction and art from the darker genres.

Sonata Magazine for the Arts features visual art and all sorts of literature.

Sticky Keys is an "EroSatiric" collection of erotic art and literature.

Strebeck's Art Web Design has lots of funky stuff.

Strebeck's Psychedelic Art Gallery should be pretty self-explanatory.

Tangerine Dream is a collection of albums for sale, with selections available for on-line listening.

Thylazine features art and literature with an Australian bent.

Wired Art for Wired Hearts is a well-established 'zine of poetry, prose, and visual art.

Zyzzyva is an e-zine with both poetry and art.

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