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The links section at Unlikely Stories is being expanded, and has been split into tweleve seperate pages. You're looking at the Literary Collections, which includes literary e-zines and other collections that involve multiple authors.

2River View is a long-standing 'zine of the web.

Aabye's Baby is published by Unlikely Stories contributor Gerald England.

Abraxis is a group of e-zines.

Agnieszka's Dowry is a literary journal.

The Alsop Review is a very long-running 'zine. My brother likes it.

America's Most Wanted Short Stories is a collection of the comedic works of Mike and Veronica Krath.

American Gothic features Pagan, horror, and Gothic literature.

The Antigonish Review publishes emerging and established authors.

Aphelion focuses on science fiction and fantasy.

Apocalypse focuses on series science fiction, especially of a post-apocalyptic nature.

Apples&Oranges Oranges&Apples has a broad variety of works.

Ariga is an Israeli site designed to promote peace in the Middle East. You'll find a great deal of English and Hebrew literature there.

The Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks is a non-linear collection of literature.

Autumn Leaves is a literary 'zine with an emphasis on Native American culture.

Bardo Burner is a new and hip 'zine.

Big Bridge isn't published often enough, but when it's published, it's, like, cool. In fact, this e-zine is Better than Nymphetomania!

Beehive is an e-zine with many pretty pictures.

Big Dog Review is a big ol' e-zine.

Birmingham Poetry Review is a print 'zine with a web counterpart.

The Blue Collar Review is a print 'zine with a web counterpart.

Blue Monk Press is another print 'zine with a web page.

The Blue Moon Review is an e-zine.

The Blue Review is a jolly e-zine.

The Boston Review features much of their work on-line.

Carved in Sand is an e-zine of both poetry and prose.

Calliope is a now-defunct 'zine which keeps its archives on-line.

Chiaroscuro is probably horror-based, or at the very least creepy.

Comrades publishes poetry and prose.

Concrete Abstract publishes poetry and fiction.

Conspire is a well-established 'zine.

The Copperfield Review specializes in historical fiction.

Corpse in the Cupboard is a dark literary 'zine.

The Cortland Review is an e-zine.

Dark Angel is an e-zine.

Dark Truths is a collection of dark literature.

Darkzine has gothic and vampire fiction.

Dawn's House of Poetry is a large, kid-friendly collection of work.

Dead Kids, Inc. is an original web site and community of young anonymous writers.

Dead Mule is a Southern e-zine.

Demonminds has horrific tales and animated .gifs.

Descant publishes fiction and poetry.

The Doomed City is a 'zine of poetry.

Dreadful Dreams publishes stories and nightmares.

Dream Forge is a literary web-zine.

Duct Tape Press has all sorts of uses.

Eclectica is a gosh-darn big 'zine.

Eotu is a 'zine of literature.

Exquisite Corpse is a massively popular e-zine run by some NPR guy, or something.

Fiction Warehouse is a growing community of those who love, well, fiction. is for poetry.

Forbidden Panda has literature and humor.

The Free Cuisenart is the literary journal of the Creative Coalition of Artists, an anti-censorship organization.

A Freelance Writer is a fiction and essay magazine.

Funky Dog Publishing does work both in print and on-line. is the on-line arm of Phony Lid Publications, a small press company that publishes things like Vagabond Press magazine. Much of their content is free on-line.

Gathering Darkness is a 'zine of horror.

Gnome is the 'zine with all the big names.

Gothic.Net 5.0 runs with the byline "The right kind of spooky."

Gravity is a particularly fun e-zine.

The Green Tricycle is a literary 'zine.

GRIST On-Line is a broad collection of literature.

Handymag is an e-zine.

The Horsethief's Journal is a print 'zine with an on-line presence.

ho!d is a high-tech e-zine.

The Hypertexts is published by Unlikely Stories contributor Michael Burch.

ImagesInScript is an e-zine with a massive network of forums.

Infernal features horror fiction regularly.

Interbang, a print literary journal, publishes its entire content on-line (what? they aren't in it for the money? but there's a FORTUNE to be made in poetry!).

Jack Magazine features poetry and the like.

Jacket is an Australian literary 'zine.

Jewish Life has fiction and poetry on world Jewry.

ken*again is a quarterly 'zine of literature and art.

Kimera is a regular publisher of poetic anthologies.

King Log is a poetry 'zine.

the kinte space does not feature any artists named "Toby."

Light and Dust is an e-zine put out by Grist Mobile Anthology of Poetry.

Linnean Street features stories and essays.

L'intrigue is an annual lit-zine.

Log Cabin Chronicles publishes stories, poetry, rants, and all sorts of stuff.

Longshot is another print literary journal that publishes its entire content on-line.

Lucid Moon is known for edgy literature.

Lynx: Poetry from Bath publishes prose and poetry.

m e stubbs poetry journal is m e as in M. E. Stubbs, not "ME STUBBS!"

The Main Street Rag Poetry Collection is just what it says it is.

Makata is a visually appealing 'zine.

The Manhattanite is a collection of on-line fiction.

Manx Fiction publishes poetry as well.

Masquerade is a now-defunct e-zine.

Mediphors is the literary journal of the medical community.

The Melic Review is a fabulous, slickly-designed 'zine, and a paying market for writers. It's Better than Nymphetomania!

Mind Fire Poetry Journal is a literary 'zine.

MindKites features atheistic and fringe writing.

The Miserere Review is a 'zine with clashing colors.

The Mississippi Review is a college literary 'zine.

Mocha Memoirs is a paying market for prose writers.

The Morpo Review is a quarterly, established lit-zine.

Moveo Angelus is a funky e-zine.

Mudlark is a literary e-zine with artists not often found on the web.

Mungo vs Ranger is an e-zine.

Muse's Kiss features fiction and poetry.

The Mystic River Review is the literary journal of Arlington Center for the Arts. is a journal of confessions, interviews, poetry, and other stuff.

Napalm Health Spa-- does it serve napalm or service it?

Negative Capability is an award-winning 'zine.

New Millennium Writings is a twice annual literary 'zine.

New Works Review is a literary 'zine.

The Northern Michigan Journal: because it's cold up there.

Notorious Noir is a collection of erotica by black authors.

Nuketown is a 'zine of speculative fiction.

The Open Ended It is an attractive e-zine.

The Oracular Tree is a progressive 'zine with stories, poetry, and articles.

The Outer Rim is a journal of science fiction and fantasy.

Peace and Freedom Press not only has a large web site, but published two print magazines.

Penny-A-Liner is "the magazine for discerning writers."

The Penwood Review is a Christian poetry 'zine.

Pesheekee River Poetry is a 'zine of poetry.

Phic-Shun has the right idea.

Pif is one of the more reputable (or less disreputable) Internet journals.

So is The Pittsburg Quarterly. Yeah, that's it.

The Poem Box has poems in it.

Poems Niederngasse is a poetry 'zine in English, German, and Spanish.

Poet's Cut features raw and uncut poetry.

Poet's Haven is a fascinating collection of images and poetry from a wide variety of contributors.

The Poet's Porch is a collection of literature.

Poetic Voices is a monthly poetry 'zine.

Poetry Down Under features Australian poetry.

The Poetry Kit is "by a poet for poets."

PoetryMagazine is an established, popular 'zine.

The Poetry Repair Shop has a wide variety of work.

Poetry.St Corner is released through e-mail weekly, showcasing poetry and prose.

The Poets is a magazine featuring numerous resident poets.

Porcupine is a classy print 'zine.

Poor Mojo's Almanac(k) is an oddball 'zine.

Progress specializes in serializations.

The Prose Menagerie is an ever-changing menagerie of prose.

Pyrowords is a literary 'zine with pretty pictures.

Quarterly West is literature from the U. of Utah.

The Red Rock Review is a literary 'zine.

Redsine is a magazine of dark fantasy and horror.

Rewriting Reality has gothic horror and dark fantasy.

Riding the Meridian is a new lit-zine from the people that brought you Perihelion.

Rio Grande Review publishes literary and visual art on-line and in-print.

Riverrun is the literary journal of Quincy University.

Road of Shadows is a darker 'zine.

The Rose and Thorn is a quarterly 'zine.

San Francisco Salvo has poetry and fiction.

Sarasvatizine is a journal of essays, fiction, poetry, and art.

Salt River Review is a literary 'zine.

Savoy goes in a number of literary directions. regularly features poetry and visual art.

Shadow Voices features fiction and poetry.

short stories at east of the web is a large, searchable index of royalty-free stories, including new stories and public domain literature.

Sienna's Poetry Suite has all sorts of poetry.

Sinister Element features horror fiction.

Slipstream offers poetry, chapbooks, and other fun stuff.

Snakeskin is a Freudian nightmare.

Spent Angel Press publishes chapbooks and a 'zine.

The Sonora Review is a literary 'zine.

Southern Ocean Review is an e-zine.

Steel Caves is a journal of fiction.

Steel Point Quarterly is a well-established 'zine.

Stirring seems to be a 'zine...

Swallow is an amusing self-depriciating 'zine.

Switchblade Kiss features vampire erotica.

Sycamore Review is an e-zine.

Tales from the Vault features reader-created fiction and poetry.

Tantalus Fire is a journal of speculative fiction.

A Taste for Flesh is a horror 'zine.

(this) poetry site is a collection of poetry.

Three-Lobed Burning Eye is "stories that monsters like to read.">

Thunder Sandwich is a 'zine with an unlikely name.

Tom Perry's Grassroots Poetry is real different.

TopWrite Corner is a collection of short fiction.

The Tower of Babel is a vast multicultural, multilingual collection of work.

The TRINARY Journal features writings about modern techno-life.

uXu is a literary journal of the Swedish underground.

Vistula Online Poetry Journal is just like it says it is.

The Weekly Poem is equally self-explanatory.

Weird Visions features genre fiction.

Wings features a number of literary genres.

Word Salad is a multilingual poetry magazine.

To be frank, I'm not entirely sure what is. I'll bookmark it and check it out later.

A Writer's Choice Literary Journal has a very wide variety of work, including work by several Unlikely Stories contributors.

Yellow Dog is a humorous 'zine.

Ygdrasil is a literary 'zine.

Zero City is published by Unlikely Stories contributor Michael McNeilley and is a paying market.

Zimmerzine is a British literary 'zine with several well-known Internet authors.

Zuzu's Petals is not only a very well-established 'zine, but contains thousands of literary links.

If you have a web site that you would like to see listed at Unlikely Stories, just type the URL into the box below and click Submit. If it is appropriate, I'll link to your site within a few days. Reciprocal links are appreciated but not required.