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ESTEBAN R. ARELLANO, JR. wields his wit like a sledgehammer

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"When you surrender you stretch out like the world."
"We are grasped by what we cannot grasp."

Hauntingly romantic, Estaban R. Arellano, Jr.'s writes poems of love, romance, sadness, and loneliness that will immediately work their way into your heart. With lines like "a lilting moon / dissolving in God's mouth," he shows an absolute mastery of language and imagery. His beautiful words take us directly to the relevant subject of his poems.

Esteban provided us with a questionnaire-style bio:

Poets I love: VallejoNerudaLorcaBorgesMachadoJimenezWhitmanPazRumiKabirFaiz HafizAnwarSnyderAkhmatovaBrodskyRilkeetc.

Influences on my writing: my father, a Baptist minister who brought Christ, religion and poetry into my life and never tired of writing love poems to Mom; my mother, who gave me Steinbeck, Marquez, London, and Hemingway, and had a faith to move mountains; my grandmother a curandera who lived her life amongst the spirits and gave Juarez, Barbas de Oro, meaning; my grandfather who worked from sunrise to sunset and still found time to drink, womanize, and brawl (ours was a love/hate thing).

"As for myself, Iím not wealthy, and yet, I donít dream of riches. I want to be read; and yet, I donít want notoriety -- 'almost famous' is good ... Iím egotistical enough to think what I have to say is of importance; and yet, believe as a poet, Iím just okay (three of my siblings are far superior writers).

"I was raised in a farming and ranching community in Texas, but my fatherís ministry led him to the tough streets of the Chicago area and I followed his path. These two very different dynamics also color my writing, and when I marry them, it can be very powerful. Still, for me itís like singing blues or gospels, theyíre different in their ethics, but both birthed from the well of longing and sorrow.

"I suppose this is enough of a bio -- Iím getting 'sic.' Oh yeah, one more thing, I love Cesar Vallejo. Heís the poet crying in the wilderness ..." Drop him a line at EsteWolf@aol.com.

Esteban's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

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