Love Has Been Liquidated
Volume 3
by John Bryan

Before you attempt this, you should probably play Volume 1 and Volume 2. If you're completely confused, check out Unlikely Stories: Episode IV's interview with the author.

Re: Euthanasia Decree:
'The newly appointed Protector of the Headless Woman and Death's Head Pillow, D.C. Spinosaurus John Bryan is charged with the responsibility of extending the authorization of certain individuals to be specified by name so that additional figures considered to be loved ones may, after the most serious consideration of the state of their value, be granted a petit mort'.
                                                —The Entity


(I arrived in Sobibor on 22nd June 2011. Walked the slow cloudy walk upon the 'Road to Heaven'. The air was damp. Mosquitos clung to my back. Around the mound of ash I encountered a black snake, poised, ready to strike—author's note).
'The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even' Conference ™
Dinosaur Protocol
December 08 2003
Stamp: Top Secret
8 copies
5th Copy

The following persons were present in the discussion about the final solution of The Euthanasia Decree which took place at the Dinosaur Club, on January 20 2002.
Kronosaurus David Gaunt (1978-1994): Dinosaur Ministry for the Occupied Private Territories, God of Time Reptile for hymen fatalities and cold blooded embalming in the vasa deferentia purges.
Velociraptor Jodi Burton (1979-1981): Dinosaur Ministry for the Interior, Swift Robber of the Saigon Rose as relating to Venus, bearer of the lilaceous reciprocator for the Occupied territories and precursor to these Five Fits.
Archaeopteryx Adrian Holland (1984-1992): Plenipotentiary for the Four Drink Plan, Ancient Feather for the founder of the mouth coda with dripping tongue, muddled dress digger and labia liquor.
Qantassaurus Neville O'Neill (1987-     ): Dinosaur Ministry of Assault, Terrible Claw for the artificial stimulus and pigsticker of the aspirant orgasm, implementer of the 'fast food' mechanical anticlimax.
Megalosaurus Adam Mann (1990-1999): Office of the Venereal General, Big Lizard for the gaping gash in the west and the alien viruses of the back door east, Cleopatra's python.
Saurornithoides Mark Arnott (1990-     ): Foreign Objects Office, Bird Like Reptile to the Universal Swear Word Chancellery, ectoplasmic theorist, practical specialist in the wet mounds of rave damsels and attention deficit sex.
Allosaurus Clay Thistleton (1991-2011): Gender and Measurement Main Orifice, Strange Lizard of the surveillance of the cervical back wall with the hypothetical 'inch' until her elastic band snaps, Manager of the prowess of the Siren and the hedonism of the Lamia, deliverer of the Bela Kiss.


If you wish to continue sitting through this meeting then I shall meet you at WARSAW, POLAND. If you do not, as dinosaurs did not have true penises, then I shall meet you at ZAMOSC, POLAND. All these countries I have travelled to. This moon under i roam, this earth that i walk upon, all these places I have seen. Where have you been?

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