Editors' Notes

Maria Damon and Michelle Greenblatt
Jim Leftwich and Michelle Greenblatt
Sheila E. Murphy and Michelle Greenblatt

A Visual Conversation on Michelle Greenblatt's ASHES AND SEEDS with Stephen Harrison, Monika Mori | MOO, Jonathan Penton and Michelle Greenblatt

Letters for Michelle: with work by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Jeffrey Side, Larry Goodell, mark hartenbach, Charles J. Butler, Alexandria Bryan and Brian Kovich

Visual Poetry by Reed Altemus
Poetry by Glen Armstrong
Poetry by Lana Bella
A Eulogic Poem by John M. Bennett
Elegic Poetry by John M. Bennett
Poetry by Wendy Taylor Carlisle
A Eulogy by Vincent A. Cellucci
Poetry by Vincent A. Cellucci
Poetry by Joel Chace
A Spoken Word Poem and Visual Art by K.R. Copeland
A Eulogy by Alan Fyfe
Poetry by Win Harms
Poetry by Carolyn Hembree
Poetry by Cindy Hochman
A Eulogy by Steffen Horstmann
A Eulogic Poem by Dylan Krieger
An Elegic Poem by Dylan Krieger
Visual Art by Donna Kuhn
Poetry by Louise Landes Levi
Poetry by Jim Lineberger
Poetry by Dennis Mahagin
Poetry by Peter Marra
A Eulogy by Frankie Metro
A Song by Alexis Moon and Jonathan Penton
Poetry by Jay Passer
A Eulogy by Jonathan Penton
Visual Poetry by Anne Elezabeth Pluto and Bryson Dean-Gauthier
Visual Art by Marthe Reed
A Eulogy by Gabriel Ricard
Poetry by Alison Ross
A Short Movie by Bernd Sauermann
Poetry by Christopher Shipman
A Spoken Word Poem by Larissa Shmailo
A Eulogic Poem by Jay Sizemore
Elegic Poetry by Jay Sizemore
Poetry by Felino A. Soriano
Visual Art by Jamie Stoneman
Poetry by Ray Succre
Poetry by Yuriy Tarnawsky
A Song by Marc Vincenz

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"When a Poet Dies"
by K.R. Copeland, in the Memorial to Michelle Greenblatt, January 2016
"and those who knew them tremble with remembrance
tremble with Decemberance—
Cold. Cold. Cold."

"Letters to Michelle"
a web-based memorial with work by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Jeffrey Side, Larry Goodell, mark hartenbach, Charles J. Butler, Alexandria Bryan, and Brian Kovich
in the Memorial to Michelle Greenblatt, January 2016
"this morning i sat up in a dark living room, watching the sun rise over the ozarks, it's lovely here, the sky changes from deep black to blue, stars glitter and you wonder if they're alive or dead, are their worlds spinning around them, is their someone there sitting in a house jus a'wondering on what all this means, if anything he or she did mattered, and in the end that comes for us all, what did it all mean?"

"Through the Dark"
by Alexis Moon and Jonathan Penton, in the Memorial to Michelle Greenblatt, January 2016
"We met behind the stones where our friends lay..."

"Song of Enchantment"
by Marc Vincenz, in the Memorial to Michelle Greenblatt, January 2016
"Song of Enchantment" is an ode to the universal creative feminine spirit within us all. To the Great Mother and her offspring, but above all for Michelle on her homeward journey.

"Ethan has nowhere to go"
by Brian Vann, based on the missing short story by Jeremy Hight, April 2014
Brian Vann's interpretation of "Ethan has nowhere to go"> takes camera input, meausures change, then uses that change to make bricks that get in the way of the little word fishes.

"This Is"
by Alan Bigelow, based on the missing short story "Ethan has nowhere to go" by Jeremy Hight, April 2014
"I replaced every word in the story with the word 'word.' I took the lines of his story, compressed them, and formed the phrase 'THIS IS A STORY.' I threw in some touch/mouse interactivity (with some help!). I added some visual backgrounds that seemed to suggest the nature and history of narrative. Our lives have an infinite number of permutations. So do stories."

"Ethan has nowhere to go"
by Aaron Avila, based on the missing short story by Jeremy Hight, April 2014
This is a collaborative piece with all elements created entirely for this work. Lauren Henny created an impressionist song to go along with the piece. She assisted with certain elements of the cinematography. She is also the lady acting in the film. The bulk portion of cinematography and all editing was done by Aaron Avila. He can also be seen acting in the film. He directed the film and dissected both the text and song to create something completely new from both.

j/j hastain and Marthe Reed perform from pleth
October 2013
On September 28, 2013, Unlikely Books released pleth, a full-color call-and-response collection of ekphrastic poetry by j/j hastain and Marthe Reed. The authors performed from their book at the release party at Innisfree Poetry Books & Café in Boulder, Colorado.

A group show in Denver, Colorado posted October 2013
On September 27, 2013, Unlikely Stories: Episode IV and Unlikely Books met at the Mercury Café in Denver, Colorado for an evening of literature, vocalizations, and visual effects. Performing were j/j hastain, Yuriy Tarnawsky, Frankie Metro, Lindsey Thomas, Jeffrey Spahr-Summers, and Tom Bradley, with Jonathan Penton as MC.

An Interview with Steve Gibson
by Jeremy Hight, June 2013
"For me one important factor when considering the mixing of mediums is how the different aspects will formally interact with each other. I suppose that might be a hold-over from my modernist training in music composition, but I feel internal coherence is especially needed in mixed-media work."

"Planet Beethoven"
by Genco Gülan, February 2013
"Planet Beethoven" is a video-art piece by Genco Gülan. Video footage is from the artist's endoscopic left ear examination by Dr. N. Tan Ergin at American Hospital, Istanbul. Sound is the reversed version of L. von Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 32 In C Minor, Op. 111.

"Discotrope: The Secret Nightlife of Solar Cells"
an audiovisual performance by Amy Alexander, Annina Rüst, and Cristyn Magnus, February 2013
"At the heart of Discotrope is an unconventional projection system: a disco ball that has been modified to use solar cells as mirrors. The ball rotates slower or faster according to how much light reaches the solar cells on the ball and creates fragmented projections on surrounding walls, floors, surfaces and people. We've written custom software to project videos onto the ball and have developed a live audiovisual performance around the system."

"Lucid Possession"
by Toni Dove, February 2013
"Lucid Possession" is a live cinema performance mixed and animated in real-time using cutting-edge motion-sensing technologies to perform complex layers of media. Musicians and a video DJ control robotic screens, lights, sound and video that merge to present a contemporary ghost story—a poetic musing on noise management—and on self-perception and fame across virtual and real social spaces.

"Choice and Its Opposite: On Listening to Other People's Music"
by David Brennan, December 2012
"In this country we are told, we have been convinced, that choice is what we desire, that choice is freedom. What if that isn't true? What if choice has become a prison of enthrallment? What if true freedom, the kind we equate with 'happiness,' rests not in choice but in its relinquishing?"

Four Graphic Notations by Stroud
December 2012
"The following pictures are musical scores, works of visual art teeming with evocative glyphs and densely arranged pictographs. The meaning of these visual figures is deliberately left undefined by the composer; each performer(s) is invited to make a sonic realization of the score by articulating its signs according to a personal interpretation. Interpretations may be made spontaneously or prepared in advance."

Three songs from World News Vision
by Jude Cowan Montague, the Interdependency Issue
"I work for ITN Source on the Reuters Archive as a researcher and archivist. I began making my World News Vision improvisations early 2011. I went into Bark Studio with Brian O'Shaughnessy in Walthamstow to record these for the fist time in March 2011 with my Microkorg XL and my Minipops drum machine. This basic set up has continued but has been enhanced with percussion and alternative electronic machines."

"Brain Meat for Naked Lunch"
sound and textual art by Kenji Siratori, the Interdependency Issue
"With a conversion efficiency with competitive vagina black girls in traditional cell murder in a fraction of the full cost of the pituitary gland anal clitoris battery fluid particles are formed from semiconductor sex doll known as quantum dot-like clone I can"

Terrible Bonnett
an EP by Philippe André Landry, July 2012
'Whether he's working in a visual, sculptural, or musical area, Philippe André Landry is always exploring the links between experimentalism and accessibility, producing work that is consistently odd and beyond traditional scope, while at the same time imminently listenable.'

Four Songs by Gert Fröbe
May 2012
'I wasn't expecting the weighted substance you'll find in these tracks, nor the variety. It's all guitar-driven, with toothy bass filling in from the back. I try not to mention the faces I make while I listen to music, as I like to cop to some pretended dignity, but songs like "Abort All Jorts" and "Wrecked Deadening" inspire that rock sneer in me. In these tracks, it's very easy to feel what Caratzas is reaching for.'

Two Songs by the Buffalo Skinners
March 2012
The Buffalo Skinners are a group of five songwriters (Lawrence Menard, James Nicholls, Peter Seccombe, Robbie Thompson and Robin Fisher) who met in Scarborough, England. The band started out in 2010 playing on the high streets of their seaside town for tips and recording music into the early hours of the morning...Now in 2012, The Buffalo Skinners are in Southern California to continue to promote their album in the US and work on new numbers for future releases.

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