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JIM DUNLAP throws the furniture

To the Unlikely Stories home pageWell-steeped in the events of the 20th Century, the humorous poems of Jim Dunlap present dynamic pictures into the life of their odd protagonist. He studies drug use, irony, and that most feared of medical exams with a relaxed, easy-to-read style that gives a stable platform for his observations and wit. You'll be amused and delighted by his poems and their easygoing tone.

Jim says, "My work has appeared in 70 plus small press magazines to date, including Plainsongs, Potpourri, the Paris/Atlantic and online in Poetry Life and Times, Poetry Repair Shop and Die Niederngasse (Switzerland). I am newsletter Editor for the Des Moines Area Writers' Network, Senior Contributing Editor to the Poets'Porch, the Odeum and Poetic Village. I have been in the Writers' Digest top 100 three times and in Who's Who In America, 2002." If you'd like to write to him, please do so through Unlikely Stories.

Jim's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Tropic's Tithes
Too Much Thinking Can Be Dangerous to Your Health

War on the Homefront
Fanning the Embers
A Proctological Version of "What Goes Around Comes Around"