When Red Blood Cells Leak

by Anne McMillen





Page Count: 
Publication Date: 
November, 2005
Publication Status: 
Temporarily Unavailable





Unlikely Books' second chapbook featured the poetry of Anne McMillen, the old-school Unlikely Stories contributor formerly known as Annie M. Introducing When Red Blood Cells Leak, a beautifully ugly journey into hatred of the self, hatred of the other, and too much sex with both. Graced with Matt Sesow's oh-so-appropriate cover image of a woman with projectile nipples attacking a small bird, this chapbook will leave you with the uncomfortable, guilty feeling that all modern human interaction should.

see you at the mayo health clinic

promiscuity verse safety...hey—don't you know
              a.i.d.s. is just a word baby, 
              like love, accident, forgot, too drunk to care, overly timid couldn't say no, too weak to 
                            commit suicide the right way but unintentional infection via an infectious slow
              killing disease looks better on my resume when i reach the rusty gates of heaven than
              hung myself in the bathroom/unwantingly shit all over myself 
so the mortician had to scrape it off my legs and wash my asshole
that i wouldn't stench from my ten shot gun full marine encore performance funeral. 

                            climbs on top of
              desperation. climaxed together. 
                            in the multitudinous moments of destitution
                                          ever notice how
                                          gonna go get laid sounds a lot like
                                          gonna go get aids? 

die looking
or die doing.

over and over: gagged just like they are

every line 
goes back to
the lepers,
              in colonies now called

what you don't speak so easily,
              truth that turns into a bacterial spiral.

one real hip mother fucker
in this ultra sweat shop advocating pop masturbatory media frenzied
                                                        celebratory of the intellectual 
                            six feet below ground 
              was ragging in his article
"those writers/poets new age escapists"—always bashing the government or god
                            parents and the bitching
                            about some lost love lorn fooly hardy-ish preteen
                                          no breast before legal age of consent 
its getting old.
maybe that/this is 
              even the most avid high riding mao amongst our
                            coffee crusading mongoliod invasion into the third world
                                          of the mind
can't stand to read. doesn't want to listen.
                            no one is ever listening
                                          when it's/was it's 
                            everyone is/was busy working
                                                        will continue to be so.

support the status quo
              unintentionally. bastion it outright. don't ask questions
no one wants to know
              what happened or didn't happen.
everyone wants it to stay
stuck in your
throat until the virus spreads through
out the whole.

When Red Blood Cells Leak will soon be re-released in a Second Edition!