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An Interview with Mez Breeze
by Jeremy Hight
"I've also encountered incredible modifications of "out of the box" and emergent gameplay which have helped formulate substantial chucks of my Augmentology research. With the advent of motion capture controllers and actual Virtual Reality tech [think: Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus for instance], the possibilities are only going to become more intriguing. "

And new interviews of Mark C. Marino, Austin Islam, Gary Panter, and Janice Lee in Criticism

Four Sketches by Gary Panter
Gary Panter, painter, cartoonist and designer, was born in 1950 in Durant, Oklahoma and grew up in Texas. He won three Emmy awards and was nominated for five for production design for Pee Wee's Playhouse, was awarded a Chrysler Design Award in 2000, and is a fellow of the Cullman Center For Scholars and Writers in New York. He is in a psychedelic rock band called Devin Gary & Ross and collaborates on lights shows with Joshua White.

More in Visual Art

Forty-One Visual Poems by Jim Leftwich
"non-poems, correspondences, process poems, fluxus poems, fun poems, opaque poems, empty poems, slippery poems, skewed poems, torqued poems, playful poems, love songs, eulogies, labyrinths, autodidactic poems, procedural poems, arbitrary poems, looking as reading as writing, serial poems, aggregate poems, clump poems, spray poems, thelemic poems..."

More in Poetry and Visual Art

Four Selections from Statevillainy
by K.R. Copeland
"In one network of dirt there lurk many unpleasantries, unseen by the masses, still no less there than air. Microcosmic clunks and clinks of movement sinkhole slowly, rumble when the hush is meant to come. Tumultuous sub-ciety—sunrise falls. At the cornerstone of war, all lore grows wildly."

More in Poetry

Gender Violence: Police profiling, harassment, and violence against transgender and gender nonconforming people
by Jordan Flaherty
"The modern gay rights movement was born on June 28, 1969, at the Stonewall Inn, on Christopher Street in New York City's West Village. Resistance broke out in response to a violent police raid against the gay community, and riots continued for several days. Many of the key leaders were transgender women, such as Sylvia Rivera, who had started her activism during the 1950s civil rights movement and continued until her death in 2002."

More in Activism

Three Short Movies by Talan Memmott
Talan Memmott is a hypermedia writer/artist, and theorist. Memmott has taught digital art, electronic writing, and new media studies in the Digital Culture and Communication Program at the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Karlskrona, Sweden, the Teledramatic Arts and Technology Department at California State University Monterey Bay; the Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Colorado Boulder, and the Rhode Island School of Design.

More Movies

Two Short Stories by Elizabeth McGuire
"A baby is born. Again. A baby is called Henry. Again. He is so cute and beautiful. Of course. Everyone is excited. Of Course. His mother is so happy. His father is so proud. If you don't stop crying you won't hear the baby cry."

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