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JOE HART introduces himself thusly

To the Unlikely Stories home pageViolently romantic, the poems of Joe Hart show us a love that is wild, erratic, and wholly erotic. Joe speaks of an all-encompassing love; a love that is totally destructive and creative in the same breath. His poems smash into our senses with passionate idealism. Prepare yourself for the brute force of these ten poems.

Joe says, "I am a schizophrenic, an Atheist and a homosexual. Before I met my closest and only friend, my poems were very impersonal, but now are more confessional; I write more about my feelings. I don't know which I prefer. My heroes include Millay and Housman. In the past few months I have had poems accepted by Riverrun, frission, Fauquier, Romantics Quarterly, mojo risin' and several other conventional magazines." Joe's e-mail address is hartjoe@comcast.net.

Joe's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Dead Poets Society
Caroline's Poem

Ars brevis
The next morning
On George's other friends

A short poem about George and me
George, my love