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JOHN DORSEY hates Ben Affleck, but hates Matt Damon, too

To the Unlikely Stories home pageExotic expressions in free verse allow Dorsey to swoon you with what love songs by John Berryman might be like. Much more than a mouse hunt happens in his bed at night revealed with vivid imagery so sweet to the tasting. Birthday suits and suicidal woodpeckers leading into more emotional issues well defined by Webster's as crazy...

John Dorsey has appeared numerous times in on-line and print publications, and has a number of print chapbooks available, as well as free electronic chapbooks such as Smoke Signals through Scars Publications. John is also a screenwriter, and has worked both in independent film and Hollywood. Drop him a line at greenflims@hotmail.com.

John's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

the woodpeckers
what if john berryman wrote love songs?