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LISA MARIE ZARAN is more than a hound dog, thank you

To the Unlikely Stories home pageAnd what is love, to the contemporary poet? Often it is a topic to be avoided at all costs, or trivialized into sexuality. Not for Lisa Marie Zaran. Her poems are intimate and emotional, deftly avoiding the cliches that mar many romantic poems. She tackles our emotions without apology, bringing back what modern poetry has lost.

A poet and essayist, Lisa Marie Zaran, currently resides in Tempe, Arizona with her husband and two children. Her work has been published in numerous literary small presses and online magazines, some of which include: Poetry Tonight, Exsanguinate, Black Dirt Press, Indie Journal, A Writer's Choice Literary Journal, 2River View, Whillow, and Thunder Sandwich.

Lisa has lived a varied life, moving over 40 times before the age of fourteen. Because of this she has found an amazing well of ideas in which to write about as well as an appreciation for the many, at times terrifying, experiences she has had as "the new kid in town."

Lisa is currently at work on her first book length poetry collection entitled "The Sometimes Girl." Lisa encourages feedback and can be reached at LisaZaran@excite.com.

Lisa's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

The Terrible of Some
In Passing

Reflections On A First Date
Table Scraps
All That Matters

July 1999 - July 2000:
You Could Just Kill Him
Marriage Is a Twin Box
Self Esteem