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DAVE NORDLING's real name is David, I think

To the Unlikely Stories home pageDave hides behind sunglassesBeautiful like layers of erosion, the poems of Dave Nordling remind us of leaky faucets and damaged dreams. He waxes philosophical on decay, ugliness, madness, and man's general insignificance in the universe, with metaphors and images that one can easily understand. In all this, he finds beauty and meaning, celebrating life at the same time he excavates its nastiness.

Dave Nordling innocuously entered the LA poetry scene in 1999 although his earliest writing came from his college days in Wichita and Pennsylvania circa 1995. By day, he is a professional engineer with a major aerospace contractor. He is a regular reader at local venues in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas, particularly the Cobalt Cafe in Canoga Park and the Rapp Saloon in Santa Monica. He has been the featured poet in Encino, Santa Monica and more recently Echo Park. Dave's primary inspiration is drawn from his simple upbringing in Osage City, Kansas. He finds his greatest inspiration from his wife and in the poetic community.

His work tries to focus on the simpler emotions although not being averse to exploring the more visceral ones.

Dave has self-published a chapbook, From the Blue Folder. It's 38 pages, and available from the author by mail, for $6 in the US or $7 abroad. Write to him at d_nordling@yahoo.com for your copy.

Dave's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

The Mad State