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ANDREY KNELLER can tap-dance with the infinite

To the Unlikely Stories home pageA portrait of the poet as... nevermind.More than one poet has complained to me of the prejudice contemporary editors have against traditional styles of poetry. The source of our prejudice is obvious: most contemporary poets claiming to write traditional poetry really suck at it. It's a rare surprise when we see a well-written, traditional poem from a contemporary author. When that author is a teenager, it's an absolute shock.

Andrey Kneller is such a teenager. His traditional poems not only are well written, with keen rhyme and perfect meter, but they have a power and intensity rare in poets twice his age. They sparkle with questions and introspection.

Andrey Kneller was born in Moscow, Russia. At the age of ten, his family moved to start a new life in America. Through his hard work and dedication, Andrey Kneller was quickly able to learn English and became fluent in both languages. Andrey first began to write poetry when he was thirteen years old and since then has written over 300 poems. Fluent in both English and Russian, Andrey has also translated poetry by Aleksander Pushkin, Boris Pasternak, Vladimir Vysotsky and other Russian poets.

Andrey is now a student at Brandeis University in Boston. Drop him a line at kneller@brandeis.edu, or the old-fashioned way at Andrey Kneller, 140 Carver Loop, 6F Bronx NY 10475.

Andrey's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

To Pilate
A Cloud in Trousers, a new translation of Vladimir Mayakovsky
The Backbone Flute, a new translation of Vladimir Mayakovsky

This Love
Her fingers fall from the keys...
Adam and Lilith
The Demon
Reflections on existence
Sad Eyes
Draw in the Smoke
New York
Reflect me as I am...