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The Dangerous Dive

More than form, that brilliant technique
To please judges…No,
Underneath there's a thief stealing through…
At the moment before applause, this deft
Tumble is again streamlined
Keen to enter,
Splashless, nearly,
That placid pool.

It instantly becomes a sea of glass.

This is tense subject matter
Here where everything, without notice, can cut
The provisions of thighs, arms, shoulders…
They are as much ballast as cork.
They are screwed into nevertheless
For the pop & the fizz
Whether or not all goes well------

Oh diver, have you any idea?
Are you prepared for the turning, an outlaw's
Even these trees,
Friends of lovers,
Confess the danger of to the wind?

Hushed, they then stand back.

Believe me, it's like a season
Only this liquid's steamy mist ever foretold.
But then you were sleeping, remember?
The pressure was dreamt, unlike now,
On the board,

Be it gangplank or spring for another Olympian
Icarus still finding something, some strange
Kind of flight

Before going down

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