Welcome to the Unlikely Stories bookstore. Designed to be an offshoot of Unlikely Stories: A Collection of Literary Art, this site helps people find the books, chapbooks and anthologies which include the works of contributors to that E-journal. (So don't write, asking for your book to be included on this site. Submit some work to the journal if you want to be included).

Unlikely Stories intends to help people find books, not resell them. We link to various spots on the web where offered books can be purchased. Or, if the book you're looking at is out of print, we'll link you to Bookfinder.com, our favorite out-of-print book search engine. If it can be ordered through another source, we'll identify that source and their price.

We are not in the business of re-selling books. Our primary goal here is to provide information. However, we want you to have the easiest possible time aquiring the books of our contributors, and will re-sell in special cases. For example: the books of Gerald England can only be purchased with cash. If you live in a part of the world in which sending cash is not an option, we'll order the book from Mr. England, and allow you to buy it from us, at no additional charge other than postage. You can contact Unlikely Stories at jonathan@unlikelystories.org.

This bookstore currently offers books in English and Hebrew.