"study of a cracked conversation piece" and "study of entwined arguments to the contrary"

study of a cracked conversation piece

listening to charlie parker's the essential

unprecedented alterations of possibly fatal detraction
because at a certain saturation point we're all toast
an escape hatch supplies endless difficulties
which mean they will make us scapegoats
most likely accused of inciting a riot
an imposition to grand inquisitor
is another headline triumph for the authorities
recycling the lies within realm of technology
when there is no other route to take
absurdity can be as clean a getaway as any
an answer where there was once no name
but admittedly it can become too easy
may begin copping out at the slightest doubt
moment or two of required scrutiny
even a moot point is an excuse to withdraw
to this world where all is as it shouldn't be
so no point in trying to make connections
no need for coherence
no need to sweat the fine print
no need to look for slightest point of reference
no need to drag fatalist yoke along
sometimes it even feels
as if i'm completely innocent
like hand of god has reached into pocket
left me what i need & taken what i want
internal turmoil leads to breakdown of order
which is a catch-22 minus the film rights
​exorcising all the freedom we're allotted
that we're obliged to destroy by virtue of mobility
while incarnation of the other in the strictest sense
is psychological chicanery on cutting room floor
more creepy curious flicker of operatic myth
decked out defiantly striped accusations
while suspending all uniformed negative
pompous self-regard is glowing impotence
as merciless camera grins at gleam of ingenuity



study of entwined arguments to the contrary

listening to thelonious monk's monk's dream

choking down entire argument in record time
continuing calculations are getting far closer
to where i want to be than where i need to be
unhealthy eroticism is in sensitivity training
so that it won't be instantaneously spooked
with skittering bones on edge of fully open
throttle zoom where undulating ceiling
at the bottom of full fruition recalls cerebral cortex
knotted in glassy but unmeasured diameters
kissing clientele straining to acquit best positioning
​synchronistic marketing campaign in consortium
with approaching gun racks & max factor eyes
hunting limping flamingos as seen on television
malicious remembrance chalks up decision
to admit the fact it was once well-disguised
in order to get a clearer critique on heavily screened
hovering over insecticide drenched fields
gross misinterpretation of the false patriot acting class
made an alleged disappearance but has been operating
under accordance with the odds on favorite
wrapped tightly in compassionate cellophane
as self-loathing trudges off to elephant graveyard
ontological at high risk drawn toward applauding
is physical response to anecdotal evidence
warm healing hands change lives on a flinch
​hyperawareness on resonant esthetics
natural aphrodisiacs now practicing abstinence
kamikaze momentum carrying too much baggage
to be swept off its feet at first glisten
even penetrating screams cover the valley
like violent rainstorm that sorely lacks attention
ignore nomadic surrealist for bible-thumping zealots
while anorexic banality is debating merits
of setting record straight at least once in this life
an overwhelming introduction to bursting emblematic
plays as i'm addressing myself to the holy ghost



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