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Text Submissions"As Ever" by Joanne Kyger Jonathan Penton...01 day 4 hours ago
Simple Multimedia Submissiontrauma # 23888 Jonathan Penton...03 days 11 hours ago
Text Submissions"Robot Cosplay" and "Letter from Sarayaku" Jonathan Penton...01 week 21 hours ago
Text Submissions"Nevah Seem to Hold Up So Well," "Turkish Soap Opera," and "All Dese Notions" Jonathan Penton...01 week 2 days ago
Text Submissionsa poem about guns Jonathan Penton...01 week 3 days ago
Text Submissions"Dated," "Coasting on Flames," "Apocaplytics," and "Nilling and Nerving" Jonathan Penton...01 week 6 days ago
Text Submissions"What to do with thread in Texas or the meaning of string," "Night work in Texas," and "W.T. Talks Hard Time in the House" Jonathan Penton...02 weeks 19 hours ago
Text SubmissionsSeven Sentences Set in Hogan’s Bar & Grill Jonathan Penton...02 weeks 2 days ago
Text Submissions"black gun," "Like Leaves," and "Snow Globe Glass" Jonathan Penton...03 weeks 1 day ago
Text Submissions"But How Can an Ocean Have No Water and How Can a Flood Be Dry?," "DTs," and "Reawakening Like Rust Vibrating on the Wing of a Fly" Jonathan Penton...03 weeks 2 days ago
Text SubmissionsAccidental Phone Pic At Shady Meadow Brooke Apts. Jonathan Penton...03 weeks 3 days ago
Image GalleryThree Images, February 2017 Jonathan Penton...03 weeks 6 days ago
Text SubmissionsTor Jonathan Penton...04 weeks 8 hours ago
Text Submissions"Dumplin," "Carnival Wanted," and "Binghampton, NY, June 11, 1949—" Jonathan Penton...01 month 20 hours ago
Text SubmissionsSome Electronic Voice and Other Phenomena of the Wellington (Washington State) Avalanche Disaster (1910-) Jonathan Penton...01 month 1 day ago
Simple Multimedia SubmissionScore # 1 for Synthesizing # 4 Jonathan Penton...01 month 2 weeks ago
Text Submissions"Raining from Heaven," "The Musty Smell of Shelter," and "A Mere Decade Plus Two" Jonathan Penton...01 month 2 weeks ago
Text SubmissionsInauguration Day Jonathan Penton...01 month 2 weeks ago
Text Submissions"study of a cracked conversation piece" and "study of entwined arguments to the contrary" Jonathan Penton...01 month 3 weeks ago
Text SubmissionsDrumming Lessons Jonathan Penton...01 month 3 weeks ago
Text Submissionshearsay photos Jonathan Penton...01 month 4 weeks ago
Text SubmissionsThere is no “you” in this poem Jonathan Penton...02 months 4 days ago
Text Submissions"Flattened," "December," and "February, 2017" Jonathan Penton...02 months 5 days ago
Text Submissions"Pseudo-him," "Morse, Encoded," and "Flot, Jetsam" Jonathan Penton...02 months 6 days ago
Simple Multimedia SubmissionDrone Drama: Chapter 8 Jonathan Penton...02 months 1 week ago