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Text SubmissionsApocalypse # 356 Jonathan Penton...01 hour 23 min ago
Image GallerySeven Paintings, March 2018 Jonathan Penton...05 hours 18 min ago
Text SubmissionsGoat, Cow, Man Jonathan Penton...01 day 42 min ago
Text SubmissionsThe Goddess Party Jonathan Penton...01 day 8 hours ago
Text Submissions"Blaise of Glory" and "Shot in the Foot" Jonathan Penton...02 days 1 hour ago
Basic pageUnlikely Stories at the AWP Conference Jonathan Penton...04 days 13 hours ago
Simple Multimedia SubmissionThe Musician's Testament Jonathan Penton...04 days 15 hours ago
Simple Multimedia Submission"El Paso del Peso," "When Trump Falls in Love with a Wild Ostrich," and "Telegram to a Suicidal Friend" Jonathan Penton...06 days 9 hours ago
Text Submissions"Desert Notes," "Rainforest," and "January" Jonathan Penton...01 week 1 day ago
Text Submissions"The Day After," "Green Mascara," and "Dangerous Ones" Jonathan Penton...01 week 2 days ago
Text SubmissionsNo Pockets Jonathan Penton...01 week 3 days ago
Text Submissions"Sailors Take Warning," "Staying In," and "White Crone in Chinatown" Jonathan Penton...01 week 5 days ago
Text SubmissionsProvidence Lunch Jonathan Penton...01 week 6 days ago
Text Submissions"Raining from Heaven," "The Musty Smell of Shelter," and "A Mere Decade Plus Two" Jonathan Penton...02 weeks 12 hours ago
Text SubmissionsMandatory Compulsion Jonathan Penton...02 weeks 1 day ago
Text SubmissionsRage Jonathan Penton...03 weeks 12 min ago
Text Submissions"Serious Preparations for Horizontal Descent," "Meltdown," and "After the Epilogue" Jonathan Penton...03 weeks 23 hours ago
Multipage Text SubmissionDial-A-Crash Jonathan Penton...03 weeks 1 day ago
Text Submissions"The Reverend's Will" and "The Blue Jeep" Jonathan Penton...03 weeks 1 day ago
Text SubmissionsElection day 11/06/18 Jonathan Penton...03 weeks 2 days ago
Basic pageUnlikely Salons Jonathan Penton...03 weeks 5 days ago
Text SubmissionsOn Reading Anuradha Vijayakrishnan's "The Who-Am-I Bird" Jonathan Penton...03 weeks 6 days ago
Text Submissions"Smile of Frost and Ice" and "Ceaseless Wind" Jonathan Penton...04 weeks 1 day ago
Text Submissions 'The fray of not caring,' 'She spruced up the bouquet,' and 'The 5 was much easier to write' Jonathan Penton...01 month 28 min ago
Text Submissions "Trump," "The Organ Donor," and "There's so much shit in and around this house I can't help but think it's secretly on fire" Jonathan Penton...01 month 23 hours ago