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there was the strangest noise
when a ship landed in the middle of
middle of the
field in front of the courthouse
and the greatest flickering of
light; it must have been some energy
field that was tapped into
either by scientific genius
or an adolescent battering
either way it worked
the globe lit up like christmas
the snow adjusted itself appropriately
and appeared
ah yes, well you'd probably say the scene
was set-up a bit outrageously
but consider the feeling
you'd have if you held it
in one hand
then reconsider
the trip to the beach we discussed last april
i think you will realize not
everyone, even, has the capacity to cook
to the brownest reddish tan as
your carcass does, you (crab?)
i don't really even know the carcass
i speak of: yours
to mention its hue brings trouble
to my tummy and that's
the beginning of my misfortune
in the realm of writing your memoirs for you
why do i ascertain to know any
pig who's cooked
with a mouthful of apple
turning up then down
all around people stare, laugh and
point at the piggy
who soon will sit so succinctly in the
pits of those abysses, those most malign
centrifugal forces, those intestines
swine make a better journey down
than i.  i get stuck and so does
all the muck behind me
i must abandon your reading

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